Saturday, November 20

My Review : Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1)

Everyone around you is confused. Exactly like you are. The question you ponder over, "How is HP 7?"
No matter if you've read the book or not, you still want to know what is going to happen to Harry Potter and his friends. You've read newspapers, seen very professional reviews and also feedback from the people you know of around you- not all of them Harry Potter fans but still you 'just have to' ask them how was the movie and all of this jumble adds to your confusion- "Is the Movie worth it?" You're hooked. You want to know what is up with Harry Potter. You watch the movie and you're still confused if you like it or not.
After attending the 10th call after I put up my facebook status as, "saw and loved HP7" about how IS the movie, this is my review right here and I'm hopeful, it helps you through your Harry Potter Syndrome.


If you're reading this, you're wasting your time. Get your movie ticket right now because Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is all that.

Now is the trend where people want to watch 'Smart Movies' in simple words 'Complex Movies that they themselves don't understand but still wanna brag about how awesome it was'. You haven't come across the limits of show-offs if you haven't met people like these.

Harry Potter is Simple and the entire series is like various threads that come together to make a cloth and since we're mentioning HP, I might as well add that the cloth is beautiful and rich Silk. They reveal everything step by step of a Magical Land among us and a life of it's own.

HP 7 is well scripted, well directed and well narrated story. The way it unfolds is very surprising /omg even for someone who has read the books. The locations and the way the movie has followed the proper path of the novel is simply beautiful. Since, the makers have had time to their side so as to divide the story into 2 parts.. the pace of the story is controlled unlike Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix & Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

I Wish I could describe the parts that I found overwhelmingly amazing but I just can't spoil your fun.

It's Good MySpace v/s Evil MySpace All Over Again and in a TOTALLY New Style :) 

I sincerely Hope you enjoy the movie as much as I did.

Until Next Time,
Curriema /bye

Wednesday, November 17

Top 10 : Songs from the Past

Memories play a really important part of who you really are and the words 'Past' and 'Memory' go hand in hand. What anything better than music that as has a beautiful piece of who you are attached with it? /please

Following is list of my Top 10 favorite songs from the past - English and Hindi alike! :)

P.S: Past for Me, being 19, is 1990s.. I haven't put up Late Michael Jackson because he deserves his own Top 10! (Coming Soon)

Well, I hope you enjoy them!

Top 10 : Songs from the Past

Until Next Time,
Currymwaah /bye

Rush of Emotions - II

Guess What?! I figured it out!

They were right, Rhona Bryne and Esther Hicks, I mean. When you listen to your feelings, the answers come to you (not the question paper ones) but the important ones! About Life!

The reason for my Rush of Emos was a boy I thought I liked. I thought he liked me. Then he was flirting with someone else and I was seeing that. It was disturbing.

Why am I so happy? The girl isn't half the Woman I am /wahaha and if that is what he likes, how could I like him? Doesn't Like Attract Like?

So it's all coming to down to the one and only answer. My Prince Charming is playing Hiding-in-Mirror with me and I won't mistake another piece of glass for him :)

PATIENCE and I hope my to-be guy reads this. Everytime my crush fails (mostly, they're already taken & I don't want them to b-up with their gfs for me :( ) my love for you gets stronger!

Until Next Time,
Currymwah /bye

Tuesday, November 16

Rush of Emotions

So I've come to find that I update this blog-space of mine when I'm feeling extreme emotions. One of being gruesomely happy and the other being ecstatically sad. Right Now, In this moment, I'm in a jiff.

As I stare at my computer screen, look from my book shelf to the teddy right below it to the cell phone right next to my keyboard and back to the screen and I wonder what should I write about? A few moments ago, I closed my eyes and took deep breaths to open any knots in my neuron system but it seems they're running smooth enough.

When I ask my heart to be honest, out comes this answer- "You know what this is about. This thing you're feeling. You only don't wanna accept it"

So basically I'm having a rush of emotions as my title suggests. But my heart is such a tricker, it's telling me I know but its not sending the correct signal to my brain.

Until it does, I think you guys will have to wait as to what is happening with my stupid feelings.

Karima /bye

Friday, October 15

What I'm really feeling

For some God damned Reason 

This is exactly

How I'm feeling right now

How I wish I knew why?

Saturday, October 9

Poem Again

That's the beauty of keeping a book handy while travelling. Here I'm referring to my posts from April-May 2010 when I was at my native place- angry about missing my BFFs 18th birthday and I'd written this poem.

Who'd understand the grieving heart?
Who shall get to know the subliming pain?
Who would set the happiness apart?
Who'd know if all's just gone in vain?

In depths the darkened shadows lie,
They rise against the ferocious sky,
But light and fire could cause its defeat,
& that will dampen the shadows glee.

The shadow ain't a stamp upon the earth,
It's an extension of a source of the sun's worth,
It's long and deep like the seclusion sea,
And finds its way to go back to days of merry.

How much ever strong- the shadow stands alone,
It's crying in sorrow- lying on the floor,
It's hammering heart beats in it's torn soul,
And the wounds of tears are deeper than of knives and ropes.

-Karima Khan


Weird Stuff, I know..

Until Next Time,
Curryma /bye

Sunday, October 3

All it takes is a little Push

You have wishes and a lot of them. So many, that your heart gets full of it when someone asks, "what do you wish for?" but isn't it ironical? When someone does ask you that- your mind goes blank and you start playing  fish-pond in your head- picking a wish randomly and saying it out loud realizing later /omg that it wasn't actually what you wanted desperately, it was something else. 'Opportunity knocks your door only once' a wrong saying :)

What I have learnt through books, elders, personal experiences is that you create opportunities, it isn't a postman that'll spoon-feed you by coming to your doorstep smiling and delivering success. Just like a letter, even that success has to be written by someone. That someone should be you.

If someone who knows me (esp. my family) and if they read this- probably they're going ROFL 'coz I think I invented 'weird' but hey, if my experiences help someone, isn't it a good thing? Maybe if one person out there reads this and if his life is awesomer by 1%, isn't it an achievement for both of us?

A small Accomplishment is still an Accomplishment :)

So Push yourself don't enslave :) Be the Flying Ostrich.. Yes, Ostriches can't fly but didn't they say the same about Humans?

Don't know why I'm even writing this. I want something and it's a hard thing to want. I want a diamond desired by all. Will I get it?

Lucks to you and to me also

Curry /bye

Tuesday, September 7

The Cutest Guy on Earth - Part II

Who remembers my last post with the same name where I described how cute this Green Peace guy was? Incorrect.

Two days ago he texts me and I replied to a scarce few of his smses. Since I can very well (God knows how) understand typography, this guy seems like he's a big wanna-be and apparently has shifted from another state to try his luck in the modelling world and the bling of Bombay brought him here. College is of next to no importance and money and fame are what he wants to get.

I like men of substance and especially the ones who're avid readers :) Bye, bye GP /wahaha it was nice seeing you

So the bottom line is, I'm going to remain single forever and like I always say to everyone, I AM A Mommy NUN


Monday, August 23

The Cutest Guy on Earth

Today, while coming back from Andheri- I saw the cutest guy on planet Earth.. No, really. He was a volunteer for Green Peace and he said, "Excuse me!". The first excuse me that rung a bell in my heart. Why did I ever turn around to look?

They were a pair of the most beautiful light brown eyes- shining in the dark Andheri foot-bridge and then he started talking about Green Peace. I never looked up once, scared that I'll stare and what if I drool? So I was listening intently and then I did it- blinked my eye and looked at him. I noticed, there was more than his eyes. His face was the cutest! He wasn't the fairest of all, but he was fair with windswept hair and a well kept French Beard. His voice was to die for. He wanted some donation and I wanted his number. I made a million excuses and handed him with my number so that he would call, even if for my account number. Anything for him.

No, I'm not love sick- I saw my type of guy after ages. Handsome, Tall, Awesome voice, Command over language, Confident, 18, Studying Mass Media.. zindagi mein aur kya chahiye?

I hope to see you again. I don't want this guy to be my boyfriend or anything- just I want to see him again and again and again..

This song is for you, GP: I Wanna Know You

Tuesday, August 10

the sad poem

It's not always that life is mellow and beautiful or anything that you want it to be. There are times when things hurt you, this kind of hurt is more painful than a cut, bruise of even a fracture because these eventually heal. Who can thus mend a broken heart?
A few lines that I had written on November 16, 2009 when I didn't even know what heart breaking was. Call it a kind of dejawoo

I heard something break, where is the sound coming from?

I heard it shatter- but where did d voice belong?

nothing was around, everything ws still,

i touched myself- i was as cold as the window sill,

i tried to breathe but the sound came out again,

made me realize the shattering was from within,

it wasn't a glass, it wasn't a painting of art,

That's when I realized- it was my shattering heart.

Friday, August 6

Top 10 : Songs that would make you dance

How about we go about a Top 10 round up? Following are Top 10 Dance Tracks!

# 1   : Tik-Tok - Kesha
# 2   : Just A Dream - Nelly
# 3   : Break Your Heart - Taio Cruz
# 4   : Just Dance - Lady Gaga
# 5   : California Gurls - Katy Perry
# 6   : Somebody to Love - Justin Bieber
# 7   : Do You Remember - Jay Sean
# 8   : See You Again - Miley Cyrus
# 9   : One Girl Revolution - Superchick
# 10 : Poker Face - Lady Gaga

Tell me of you got better songs to dance to! Always love a feedback.

Until Next Time,
Karima /bye

Tuesday, July 27

Four Stanzas

What is life without knowing how to spin a tale, describe your feeling in the 26 letter that make the English Language :)

So here's a poem by me.. It's actually lame but I still like it!

My Dream
I dream a dream of you & me,
Together where we are perfect to be,
In Lights and Breeze and warmth of nights,
Where we shall look at the silence of Twilight

In my dream we travel to far-off lands,
And as always it happened with Zero Plans,
No jet, no plane, no helicopter or so,
As if we would have ever needed any of those,
We flied and swayed through clouds with the wind,
‘Coz we had wings of our own, to begin

We played in the sunlight & traced the rainbow,
And you’d warned me how not to look below

How could I even deny you’re command?
How could I ever not listen to you?
Your voice is so gentle, always so bland,
It has me trapped like an African Voodoo!

Alas! It was a dream, a dream that wasn’t meant to be
And I woke up crying with my head buzzing like a bee.
I embraced the sad truth that we wouldn't ever be together,
And that my long lost love isn’t gonna be forever

Thursday, June 17

FIFA Fever!

Never so much in my life have I ever LOVED Football!

From Shakira's amazing 'Waka Waka' song to watching each game everyday to Facebook Applications on making a Jersey.. :) I LOVE the FIFA Fever!

Which team are you all supporting? I'm all for SPAIN! and also Germany :D

Sunday, May 16

Past is Good

Lubi, my second elder sister had gotten for me my old computer's hard disk about 5 weeks ago and after all the mayhem I went through in April, I finally got it installed in our new desktop & I was amazed

It took me back to how I really was. When philosophers say, "People change" I never believed it. I thought, 'WTH? I haven't changed' but going through my old diary entries, the images I had saved, everything was shouting "You've changed" at me.


Now that I've looked back, more than change I've experience Growth.. Being mature, light headed, responsible :P of course a wretch as ever but in a good way :)

So if you have kept an old journal or have an old hard-disk like me, fit it in that new CPU of yours & feel proud of who you've become :)

Until Next Time,
Karima /bye

Tuesday, April 27

Ain't so bad

So being in your native is not that bad after all.
Following are the pros to make you feel good:

  1. ZERO WORK: I don't have to work around the house, a bunch of maids are to to that & they don't even let you work.. It is BLISS & Awkward because I'm not used to it. Thanks to living a maid-less life in Mumbai.
  2. ZOOM AROUND: My uncle has a scooty that I'm allowed to ride the entire day /wahaha obviously it invites certain stares & expressions from his face but- who cares? :D
  3. ROAMING-SHOAMING-SHOPPING: My Aunties go the limit to make me feel happy. From my favorite foods, to clothes, to fairs, everything. :) It's a good feeling, really :)
  4. MONEY: The more families you meet, the better. I met 2 of my grandmothers, one other aunty & an empty-pocket-kari roams around wid a good 500bucks /wahaha More on the way I'm sure.. Hoping to hit 2 grands to make my trip worth :P
  5. MAA-KA-PYAAR:  My mum has been very happy eversince I haven't uttered one word against coming here and have been sticking a smile on my ever-mourning face. She's being extremely good to me & promising me my demands on getting home :D :D /wahaha *Hoping she sticks to it*
  6. REALIZATION: I've realised how much my home, my friends and every bit of my normal life means to me & how much I mean to my friends. I've realised how much my family loves me & understands me. I've finally realised that coming back to your native AIN'T SO BAD

Until Next Post,
Karima /bye

Wednesday, April 21

Dan Brown: The Lost Symbol = Amazing

Drooling on DB!

Book                   : The Lost Symbol
Author               : Dan Brown
Date of Release : September 2009

This book is one of the books I can safely call "Page-turner"

P. S.: Not for faint-hearted who cry even if a security guard dies. Otherwise this book is for everyone who likes to read.

Keep In Mind :

If you want to totally understand the book & make it a movie-like experience and obviously dont want it to be a /blur blur)

1. Like me, if you’re not an American national or haven’t visited America in person- keep GOOGLE open at all times.

2. If this is not possible, keep a notepad and make notes of all places and things that you do not understand to later search for them. Also, write the page numbers, will keep you in flow of the story :D 

{Please, don’t dirty your copy of a novel, never- they’re not textbooks, people will read them & let them do so without your disturbing markings :)}

I hopped on the Vidhar Gondia Express on April 18, the train jumped into motion, after all passengers got settled; I climbed up on the dreaded Upper Seat of the cool AC Coach and removed from my bag this mysterious book. I looked down to see what my mom was doing- she had already made acquaintances with the fellow passengers so I left at that.

My elder sister had got this, read it & when I asked her "How's it?" she replied with a mere "It’s just 'The Secret'" referring to the book by Rhonda Byrne. But my mom’s warning that I am to accompany her to my native had been sudden and left me with no time to go to a book shop & rent some books for my time in Nagpur. So, I grabbed whichever book I hadn’t read that was available at home and The Lost Symbol was the most attractive of them all because I never found Appy's “It’s just ‘The Secret’” convincing enough.

The first few pages said majority things were real, I went /hmm and read further stopping at page 110 only because my mom was calling me down for dinner… I read for 3hours and I didn’t even know. Normally, I’m a ferocious reader but having seen ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and ‘Angels & Demons’, I knew I had to swallow each word, understand and create a correct picture of whatever was happening.

No, I’m not giving you a review of The Lost Symbol; there are a whole bunch of websites for that pick your like. All I’m telling is that it is a very good book- full of twists and turns, the best part is Robert Langdon does EVERYTHING FOR YOU; you only need to cozy up and read and understand. But I promise you, you're gonna have a share of /omg Oh My God! moments :)
Dan Brown is one author that makes all others look timid. Read his books, you’ll side with me very soon :)

If you’re reading this, go rent/ buy The Lost Symbol and tell me how you like it. I can’t wait to go back home and discuss this with my elder sister- its gonna be fun.

Until Next time,

Karima /bye

Surprise! Surprise! Native Calling

Dear all,

After my realization hit me on April 17.. I was confident that this time "I" would control my Summer time :) & make each day worth-while, special and all those things that it takes for some days to have a permanent place in your memory. :D

There I was feeling totally powerful /wahaha and switching off my computer I went into the kitchen to eat something when my mom came & showed me "Whose the boss" by saying, "Karima, you're coming with me to Nagpur. We leave tomorrow" 
I was shocked /shock but had to obey, tickets had arrived.

So right now, I'm in a cyber cafe called "Fatemi" & writing this down because this blog is my only hope for survival.

But you know, things aren't bad out here :)

Until my next post,
Currie /bye

Saturday, April 17

Boredom Boredom Boredom

I'm Karima, a BMM (Bachelor of Mass Media) student whose just finished with her Semester II exams, the last one being on 7th April 2010. The ending of a really hectic year was a bliss but the beginning of utter nothing brought boredom- PURE and UNADULTERATED boredom!

On April 8, I woke up at 11am & my head was light.. so light that I almost felt my head would fly. Ever ordinary morning I woke up & recollected the things I was supposed to cover in the day but today was different- i had NOTHING to do, apart from sitting on FaceBook and Orkut & waiting for people to put up statues & photos I could comment on.
(Same must be the case with Everyone, I'm sure)

And this was the daily routine that I followed everyday since 8th..

but Today, April 17, I decide that this isn't gonna be my Schedule for the rest of the 2-month-long Summer! I'm gonna make the most of it in the most INEXPENSIVE ways possible & hope that this summer adds knowledge, experience & colors my life with FUN

Let's Begin :)