Tuesday, April 27

Ain't so bad

So being in your native is not that bad after all.
Following are the pros to make you feel good:

  1. ZERO WORK: I don't have to work around the house, a bunch of maids are to to that & they don't even let you work.. It is BLISS & Awkward because I'm not used to it. Thanks to living a maid-less life in Mumbai.
  2. ZOOM AROUND: My uncle has a scooty that I'm allowed to ride the entire day /wahaha obviously it invites certain stares & expressions from his face but- who cares? :D
  3. ROAMING-SHOAMING-SHOPPING: My Aunties go the limit to make me feel happy. From my favorite foods, to clothes, to fairs, everything. :) It's a good feeling, really :)
  4. MONEY: The more families you meet, the better. I met 2 of my grandmothers, one other aunty & an empty-pocket-kari roams around wid a good 500bucks /wahaha More on the way I'm sure.. Hoping to hit 2 grands to make my trip worth :P
  5. MAA-KA-PYAAR:  My mum has been very happy eversince I haven't uttered one word against coming here and have been sticking a smile on my ever-mourning face. She's being extremely good to me & promising me my demands on getting home :D :D /wahaha *Hoping she sticks to it*
  6. REALIZATION: I've realised how much my home, my friends and every bit of my normal life means to me & how much I mean to my friends. I've realised how much my family loves me & understands me. I've finally realised that coming back to your native AIN'T SO BAD

Until Next Post,
Karima /bye