Monday, August 23

The Cutest Guy on Earth

Today, while coming back from Andheri- I saw the cutest guy on planet Earth.. No, really. He was a volunteer for Green Peace and he said, "Excuse me!". The first excuse me that rung a bell in my heart. Why did I ever turn around to look?

They were a pair of the most beautiful light brown eyes- shining in the dark Andheri foot-bridge and then he started talking about Green Peace. I never looked up once, scared that I'll stare and what if I drool? So I was listening intently and then I did it- blinked my eye and looked at him. I noticed, there was more than his eyes. His face was the cutest! He wasn't the fairest of all, but he was fair with windswept hair and a well kept French Beard. His voice was to die for. He wanted some donation and I wanted his number. I made a million excuses and handed him with my number so that he would call, even if for my account number. Anything for him.

No, I'm not love sick- I saw my type of guy after ages. Handsome, Tall, Awesome voice, Command over language, Confident, 18, Studying Mass Media.. zindagi mein aur kya chahiye?

I hope to see you again. I don't want this guy to be my boyfriend or anything- just I want to see him again and again and again..

This song is for you, GP: I Wanna Know You