Monday, April 23

Exams Finished!

On April 21, 2012 - I bade goodbye to the last exam of my Bachelor's life! (Insha-Allah)

Having slept only 18 hours in the whole week, I'm glad I can finally sleep now! (Not much because relatives are home, but oh well :))

My papers were bad but I'm hoping I all clear. Marks don't really matter, trust me.

No more writing exams, that thought is really elusive, you guys!

Let my feelings be described:

When I thought, "Only one more exam to go" I was like:

When I submitted my paper to the supervisor, I was like 

When Faraz and I met outside the gate after the papers, we were like

When the Homosexuality Movement in my center was outside the center, he was like

(I'm not even kidding)

Faraz and Fahad stared at him like

Friends at College were like

One of the girls among them was like

Seeing that Me, Azra and Sarah were like

but still Azra and Sarah were like

and I was like

Still I am bounded by the question, "What Next?" but then I am going to put it off for a while. In this moment, I'm happy (slightly nervous) but then still happy. 

You stay fabulous.


Curry /bye