Sunday, December 30

Honestly, I was kind of counting on the Mayans!

It's that time of the year again where everyone starts making resolutions and only 20% of the mass actually pursues it. I think it's even less!

Anyway, so I want to put my two words on this too. I was sad when the calendar changed to Dec. 22, 2012. For once, I wanted Mayans to be right. Had there been signs:

1) I'd have told this guy I love him
2) I'd have prayed Daraze Umr's namaz :P
3) I'd have went and told people how they hurt me and I will boo at them from the windows of Heaven while they rot in Hell
4) I'd have been ready for death like Ignotus Peverell, who greeted death as an old friend.

But they days rolled ahead and we're at Dec. 30 today. My resolutions are same as last year and the only addition this time is that I will follow them. In Shaa Allah!

Got to work now. 'But Karima! It's Sunday!!'

There's no Sunday in Digital, bros. Thank you for your concern