Sunday, September 8

Review - Shuddh (NON)Desi Romance

I can't believe it. I'm sure swargwasi papa Yash wouldn't have approved this film. He is the original Father of Desi Romance and such movie being made under his banner stupefies me.

Wo hawa ka uski zulfun ke saath khel jana,
wo muskurate honton se uska mujhe choo jana
Wo dikhash adayein, wo ek nazar,
pyaar hai mujhe usse, tumhe bhi hai.. toh palat
[ voice over by SRK ]
[ DDLJ Score ]
[ Crappy Shayri courtesy - myself ]

Waiting for your love for 22 years in Veer Zaara, fighting Jesus Ji for 10 years to finally have to meet his love, romancing in the Switzerland, Kashmir and... marriage. That is Shuddh Desi Romance.

The movie in question catches the nerve - that Big Fat Indian Weddings are nothing but fake. And then it goes overboard. Raghu Ram seems to have drawn inspiration from Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. Gayatri maintains herself has the hot-mod-break up-et-al chick with a sensitive heart. Then there's Tara, I really can't place her character actually. The actress has nice hair :) Everyone seems to have nice hair in the film. hmm..

The characters are very vague. None knows what's going on. There is no pattern to the story. It promises a lot in the beginning and then just drifts into something where even I was scratching my head as to what was going on. I haven't felt this uneasy watching a movie ever.



I give the movie 2/5. 
1.0 star for music, 
0.5 for Sushant Singh Rajput's expressions and 
0.5 for Rishi Kapoor who does a brilliant job as ever

Until next week,

Monday, August 19

Why are you looking out the window?

I hate this world.
I do like nature and forest and animals and tranquility - that is Earth.
I like people, my family, the best friends, the good friends - they are Humans.
But I don't like our parallel existence. Where the Earth and Humans combine, they make the World.

The more you try to narrow it, the more complex it becomes. My World, Her World, Their World, Geography. And somewhere they combine. They didn't teach us the Venn diagram for nothing. The World is indeed a large Venn Diagram. Each person moulded differently, they become different for different people - in accordance with the changing World.

Nobody gets it. They think it's all the same. Like the hamster running in a cage. The day progresses, the nights commence, the clock moves, the paycheck arrives at the same time each month. But it's not. You know it. You change as you swift between these Worlds. Why are we looking for answers in the Universe? Why are we searching for other dimensions? So many exist in your very life. Think.

Then why do I hate the World? It makes me nauseous. There is so much falseness, I see right through it. Like Bathsheba Sherman feeds off of Carolyn Perron, everyone wants to feed off of you. Demented, hollow, making you believe that's something that you are doing is wrong while you eat your iron supplements to treat the wounds.

Please, I beg you. Open your mind. Be better than being trapped in your money infested dreams. Open your World to better people and open yourself to your own World instead of being the highlight of others'. Free yourself from the trance of 'destiny' and make life happen.

I will hate the World till you come and tell me, "No, Karima. It's beautiful"

Until Next Time,

I have no idea what I'm writing. It's 1 AM and I'm half asleep. It is a high possibility I'm sleep writing. I've been itching to write anything since the past few weeks. Feels good.

PS: Please watch The Conjuring to understand Bathsheba Sherman references

Wednesday, June 26

Must watch funny Desi videos

YouTube 'funny videos' and you will presented with rib tickling English videos. I wanted to be closer to home and so, these are a list of Desi videos that will tickle your funny bone! Whenever you will be bored, make sure to watch these and laugh like a maniac.

#5 Eye to Eye

This is currently in trend and it's not as bad the ones you will face ahead. Sung by Pakistani singer, director, producer, model, actor, god, Taher Shah he sways and tries to entice you with his 'glorious, fantastic, spectrum eyes'

My eye, your eye, our eye, Battar flaiii! Flayblus eye!

#4 Silsila hai ye, Silsilaa...

Apart from using Silsila hai ye, Silsila about a 100 times, this video stars a few gori mems so you just HAVE to watch this. My money is on they are tourists and they got paid Rs. 500 for it. This video doesn't end, it's a silsila

# 3 It's my life, what ever I wanna do!

One man you need to watch out for is that producer in blue. He takes the music very seriously. This is a fail attempt at trying to make a video like 'Kolaveri' 

All said and done, he is a 'very good bad boy'

#2 Boom Boom World Cup!

I love this song. Boom Boom Up Cup, Cricket Cup, World Cup! What do I talk about it? From the mandap to the world class dance moves, this song has everything! It has a 'thriller' element too... watch out for the ghost girl!

It's the bat of the cup, it's the ball of the cup, it's the six of the cup, I'm sick of the cup

#1 Jab se hui hai mohobbat...

I'm not lying when I say this, I know this song by heart. I can absolutely sing it and I can do so in public very proudly! I found this video 3 years ago and it's still fresh in my memory. Ever so funny! I won't give out anything about it - you have to watch!

Until Next Time,

Wednesday, May 1

I like you

I think you're cute. I think I like you. I think that if you get to know me, you will like me too.

How hard is it to tell this to a person? Very. So, I'm doing what I do best - write.

I think you're cute. I think I like you. I think that if you get to know me, you will like me too. I like watching movies, animated ones at that. I know you like movies too. That's why I'd like to go with you to a movie. I don't know if you like dancing and I'd like to find that out about you. Maybe if you do, we'll go to a club later. I know you love food. I mean, who doesn't? So one day we could go food trailing along the city and have a gala time. Yes, I know - you're adventurous like that.

That's the thing isn't it? When you know someone a little, you want to know them a little more. It's never enough. I like you as you person. I think you have a kind heart. I see honesty behind that wicked smile and maybe that's why I like you. What makes sense to you? What is ridiculous? What is happy? Why do you think Harry Potter is average? (The last one so that I can change your perspective about it!) I want to know it all.

I like you. Maybe you will like me too. Mostly because we both know I have a good choice :)

Monday, March 4

New Girl: Nick, Jess and me

I have been rooting for Nick and Jess since I set my sight on them (episode one, obviously). I knew something was going to be there (everyone was). The weird attraction and love that they secretly carry for each other is very cute to watch. So when I saw, Season 2 Episode 15. I was like /shock /blush.

Oh, don't know what I'm saying? Watch this:

Everything about it is so beautiful! Mostly because we've all been waiting for this to happen for a full year and a half! I need a place to rant about this. Best 22 seconds of TV viewing. Especially when Nick says, 'I meant something like that' and then he just walks away.

He doesn't walk - he struts! There's so much mystery going on there. Like a man on who just completed a mission.

Then in the next episode, he's back to being Nick. Haha.

I love Jake Johnson :) I love Nick and Jess :)

Until Next Time,


Saturday, March 2

I am Cursed

This post is the truth. Until now, I thought it was only in my head but it's true. I am cursed.

Once upon a time, in 2009, I had fallen in something people dub as 'love'. My only friend in the new town showed liking towards me and we were about to embark on a sweet journey together when he said that he had serious reasons because of which we couldn't be together. /shock. The New Year started with hopelessness and despair. Everything was a blur /blur, every time I woke up in the morning, I was going /floor. Then I found a friend who helped me get over it. This one knew I loved him so we were cool, right? Wrong. Time went on and my friend said he loved me. I was all /shock. I was already in love. With a pathetic asshole who got a girl for himself as soon as his college started. My friend went nuts and I was going  nuts too. He went to the limits of drunk dialing, gifts, chocolates (which I never accepted) and then it all went more crazy. So I'm guessing I got cursed by him that I will never find True Love because I broke his heart

Fast forward 2013. Somehow, after 2 years of struggling, I got over my so called love and dubbed him as a 'lesson' or 'crush'. This guy ultimately lost himself because his girl left him and he can't get over it (suck it, bitch) and he's being nice to me. My old friend (who totally doesn't talk with him and ignores me like the next big Fuck) is happy because he found someone who loved him more than I could ever even try. I'm hoping they get married and have children. I don't know if he'll invite me to his wedding, though. 

Then there's me. My story of a hopeless life continues. I like someone, someone else likes me and I think I like him too but then some other person who likes him as well.

Weird? Welcome to my life. I am Cursed.

Seven Cats and Me

Some people are plain unlucky. They end up with cats. I have seen my end, it is with cats. Maybe if my mom wouldn't allow me to get a real one, I'll make do with stuffed versions.

If you're reading this, don't. Change tabs, change windows but don't read this. This is my narration of how helpless and unlucky i feel. So helpless that even my backspace wouldn't work that I can capitalize the I in the previous sentence.

I'm sad because it seemed like I had a chance. We had a chance. I mean I'd have to walk over something I dearly love but, you gotta take rough decisions sometimes, no? I was ready to take that chance, jump off the hill with nothing but blind faith, nope. I have to hold back. Again. for the umpteenth time. I'm mentally and emotionally drained.

Go home, you guys. There's nothing to read here.



Thursday, January 24

The Woman with One Eye

This story is the true encounter of me and the one eyed lady. Brace your hearts, for a chill might just run down your spine.

It was like a regular day. Time. 7:15 pm. I'd said good bye to a colleague as she went on her platform on Andheri station and I went towards mine. I crossed the busy street and entered the middle section of Platform No. 1. There was nothing unusual about tonight. People bustling around me, everybody just wanting  to get home early. Nothing unusual about tonight, except for her.

I looked back and it was as if she was carved out of darkness. She chose to sit on the darkest spot on the well-lit platform. Adjusting within her own blanket sitting near a dog by her side over a heap of cement sacks. I felt pity at this unfortunate woman and since I had some leftover lunch, I decided to give it to her.


One step. Two step. It echoed in my head and I went by what I thought was right. I offered the paper bag to her. It was then she looked up. No eye. She looked like a pirate from Davy Jone's crew, to be precise. She put her hand behind, took out a stick, let out a little cry of anger and waved the stick at me.

All in one second.

I had my heart in my mouth. It was too crowded to run, so I merely walked. As fast as I could and climbed in my train and came home. 

Lesson: Never give food to who you think is a beggar. Only give to those who ask for it.