Monday, November 28

Poem: If You Could See Me Now

I intended this poem to be a song, originally but while I tried playing it and added music to it- I broke down always. Then it was Eid some days ago. As a kid, I always opened the door when my father came in from Namaz and then followed our tradition of oil & rice. I still open the door but then it's never for my father. It's been so long since I saw my mom take a plate of rice and place a bowl of oil right in the center.

People feel empty about friends and boyfriends leaving them. That stupid song Emptiness has no sense to it even.  Anyway, so I made the song into a poem because no way I can sing it!

I see in the mirror,
A striking image of your face
How my eyes,
Resemble your strength.

They look at me and say how much I remind them of you,
And they praise me when they see how much I’ve grown without you.
I laugh with them & with them I cry,
But I don’t let them see the part that I hide,
The part that longs for you,
The one that wishes- whatever’s happened is just not true.

** Oh Daddy, I wish you could see me now,
Into the person that I’ve become
Into the child that you’ve left behind
Oh daddy, if you could be with me now,
We would tour the world & I’d show you what I’ve done
You’d be proud of me & then we’d have partied.

For all the times I fought with you,
For all the times I didn’t listen,
To all the times I missed to say I love you,
To all the times I didn’t care.
I just want to say- Daddy, I’m sorry.

**Oh daddy, I wish you could see me now,
How I’m broken, how I’m crushed;
But still together
Oh daddy, if you could be with me now,
I’d feel more like myself
To say to the least
I’d feel like somebody’s baby girl again.

I see in the mirror,
A striking image of your face,
And then I say,
It’s all of you that I have left.

Until Next time,
curry /bye

Sunday, November 20

How I Won My Scooty

Lots of people asking me if I won my scooty in a lucky draw or if I am bluntly lying about winning it at all. First thing that you should really understand that not everyone is born with a silver spoon and the sometimes you need to work hard to get what you want. Many times you are given rare opportunities, you need to spot them and grab them- that's the catch.

Second thing is that the things you WANT to get, you will get them only when you will truly need it. Life just doesn't "happen". 90% is what you make it and rest 10% is already written. Material things (in Marketing terms Tangible goods) are the part of 10%. You will get them when time comes.

So here's my story:

  • June 20: Contest on Scootygals Began

  • June 26: What post I actually saw and knew about the contest

This was posted at 2:17, I saw it at 3:15ish. I am sure because my mom was dancing on my head to pray and I was like 1 minute.. 1 minute..

  • June 26: 6:05 pm (5 minutes late) I posted my video

This video, infact, was posted at 6:30pm because my original video (which was already 5minutes too late) crashed.

  • June 26 to June 28: My elder sister loved my video so she asked everyone she knew to like my video. Even though the basis was Creativity, she wanted to make sure that we win by likes and comments also.

  • June 29: This made my heart skip 100 beats. I remember Labi and me jumping like frogs in the entire house

Then there were people who just couldn't deal with losing. So they picked on my 'lateness' and started a comment rebellion. Also claiming me to be a part of the Scootygals team itself :P That was the funniest (in the picture after this)

Then Scootygals defended me... that was the best! 

Haters gon' Hate

  • June 29 to October 30: The time of patience. They didn't reply to my emails despite having all my details. All the said was, 'we are going through some internal changes'

Unnerving questions from everyone everyday 'Has your scooty come?' made me lose faith more and then I completely gave up on getting it.

  • October 31: But then God has his ways of convincing you. Someone physically called me and gave me details and asked me to get a Learners' License

  • November 01: License submitted to be made

  • November 03: I got the rough idea of the x amount of Taxes I had to pay (So yes, my scooty is not completely free)

  • November 04: Went with Mom to the nearest TVS Showroom, paid the taxes and picked out the color for my Scooty.

  • November 06: Went to pick it up, didn't take it because of paper issues

  • November 07: Happy Birthday call from Scootygals Contest Head :)

  • November 08: THE PURPLE CYGNET comes home for the first time

  • November 20: I get a helmet (I love you, Roger) and my license plate number!

So ladies and gentlemen, this is the detailed timeline of how I won my scooty. I hope the picture is finally clear in your head.

If not... Simply give me a call and I shall give you a ride at a fast speed- so much that the cold air will remove the doubt from your head :)