Saturday, October 9

Poem Again

That's the beauty of keeping a book handy while travelling. Here I'm referring to my posts from April-May 2010 when I was at my native place- angry about missing my BFFs 18th birthday and I'd written this poem.

Who'd understand the grieving heart?
Who shall get to know the subliming pain?
Who would set the happiness apart?
Who'd know if all's just gone in vain?

In depths the darkened shadows lie,
They rise against the ferocious sky,
But light and fire could cause its defeat,
& that will dampen the shadows glee.

The shadow ain't a stamp upon the earth,
It's an extension of a source of the sun's worth,
It's long and deep like the seclusion sea,
And finds its way to go back to days of merry.

How much ever strong- the shadow stands alone,
It's crying in sorrow- lying on the floor,
It's hammering heart beats in it's torn soul,
And the wounds of tears are deeper than of knives and ropes.

-Karima Khan


Weird Stuff, I know..

Until Next Time,
Curryma /bye