Monday, August 23

The Cutest Guy on Earth

Today, while coming back from Andheri- I saw the cutest guy on planet Earth.. No, really. He was a volunteer for Green Peace and he said, "Excuse me!". The first excuse me that rung a bell in my heart. Why did I ever turn around to look?

They were a pair of the most beautiful light brown eyes- shining in the dark Andheri foot-bridge and then he started talking about Green Peace. I never looked up once, scared that I'll stare and what if I drool? So I was listening intently and then I did it- blinked my eye and looked at him. I noticed, there was more than his eyes. His face was the cutest! He wasn't the fairest of all, but he was fair with windswept hair and a well kept French Beard. His voice was to die for. He wanted some donation and I wanted his number. I made a million excuses and handed him with my number so that he would call, even if for my account number. Anything for him.

No, I'm not love sick- I saw my type of guy after ages. Handsome, Tall, Awesome voice, Command over language, Confident, 18, Studying Mass Media.. zindagi mein aur kya chahiye?

I hope to see you again. I don't want this guy to be my boyfriend or anything- just I want to see him again and again and again..

This song is for you, GP: I Wanna Know You

Tuesday, August 10

the sad poem

It's not always that life is mellow and beautiful or anything that you want it to be. There are times when things hurt you, this kind of hurt is more painful than a cut, bruise of even a fracture because these eventually heal. Who can thus mend a broken heart?
A few lines that I had written on November 16, 2009 when I didn't even know what heart breaking was. Call it a kind of dejawoo

I heard something break, where is the sound coming from?

I heard it shatter- but where did d voice belong?

nothing was around, everything ws still,

i touched myself- i was as cold as the window sill,

i tried to breathe but the sound came out again,

made me realize the shattering was from within,

it wasn't a glass, it wasn't a painting of art,

That's when I realized- it was my shattering heart.

Friday, August 6

Top 10 : Songs that would make you dance

How about we go about a Top 10 round up? Following are Top 10 Dance Tracks!

# 1   : Tik-Tok - Kesha
# 2   : Just A Dream - Nelly
# 3   : Break Your Heart - Taio Cruz
# 4   : Just Dance - Lady Gaga
# 5   : California Gurls - Katy Perry
# 6   : Somebody to Love - Justin Bieber
# 7   : Do You Remember - Jay Sean
# 8   : See You Again - Miley Cyrus
# 9   : One Girl Revolution - Superchick
# 10 : Poker Face - Lady Gaga

Tell me of you got better songs to dance to! Always love a feedback.

Until Next Time,
Karima /bye