Saturday, April 17

Boredom Boredom Boredom

I'm Karima, a BMM (Bachelor of Mass Media) student whose just finished with her Semester II exams, the last one being on 7th April 2010. The ending of a really hectic year was a bliss but the beginning of utter nothing brought boredom- PURE and UNADULTERATED boredom!

On April 8, I woke up at 11am & my head was light.. so light that I almost felt my head would fly. Ever ordinary morning I woke up & recollected the things I was supposed to cover in the day but today was different- i had NOTHING to do, apart from sitting on FaceBook and Orkut & waiting for people to put up statues & photos I could comment on.
(Same must be the case with Everyone, I'm sure)

And this was the daily routine that I followed everyday since 8th..

but Today, April 17, I decide that this isn't gonna be my Schedule for the rest of the 2-month-long Summer! I'm gonna make the most of it in the most INEXPENSIVE ways possible & hope that this summer adds knowledge, experience & colors my life with FUN

Let's Begin :)