Tuesday, July 27

Four Stanzas

What is life without knowing how to spin a tale, describe your feeling in the 26 letter that make the English Language :)

So here's a poem by me.. It's actually lame but I still like it!

My Dream
I dream a dream of you & me,
Together where we are perfect to be,
In Lights and Breeze and warmth of nights,
Where we shall look at the silence of Twilight

In my dream we travel to far-off lands,
And as always it happened with Zero Plans,
No jet, no plane, no helicopter or so,
As if we would have ever needed any of those,
We flied and swayed through clouds with the wind,
‘Coz we had wings of our own, to begin

We played in the sunlight & traced the rainbow,
And you’d warned me how not to look below

How could I even deny you’re command?
How could I ever not listen to you?
Your voice is so gentle, always so bland,
It has me trapped like an African Voodoo!

Alas! It was a dream, a dream that wasn’t meant to be
And I woke up crying with my head buzzing like a bee.
I embraced the sad truth that we wouldn't ever be together,
And that my long lost love isn’t gonna be forever