Wednesday, April 21

Surprise! Surprise! Native Calling

Dear all,

After my realization hit me on April 17.. I was confident that this time "I" would control my Summer time :) & make each day worth-while, special and all those things that it takes for some days to have a permanent place in your memory. :D

There I was feeling totally powerful /wahaha and switching off my computer I went into the kitchen to eat something when my mom came & showed me "Whose the boss" by saying, "Karima, you're coming with me to Nagpur. We leave tomorrow" 
I was shocked /shock but had to obey, tickets had arrived.

So right now, I'm in a cyber cafe called "Fatemi" & writing this down because this blog is my only hope for survival.

But you know, things aren't bad out here :)

Until my next post,
Currie /bye