Sunday, December 30

Honestly, I was kind of counting on the Mayans!

It's that time of the year again where everyone starts making resolutions and only 20% of the mass actually pursues it. I think it's even less!

Anyway, so I want to put my two words on this too. I was sad when the calendar changed to Dec. 22, 2012. For once, I wanted Mayans to be right. Had there been signs:

1) I'd have told this guy I love him
2) I'd have prayed Daraze Umr's namaz :P
3) I'd have went and told people how they hurt me and I will boo at them from the windows of Heaven while they rot in Hell
4) I'd have been ready for death like Ignotus Peverell, who greeted death as an old friend.

But they days rolled ahead and we're at Dec. 30 today. My resolutions are same as last year and the only addition this time is that I will follow them. In Shaa Allah!

Got to work now. 'But Karima! It's Sunday!!'

There's no Sunday in Digital, bros. Thank you for your concern


Monday, November 5

Why You Must Work

I just checked my blog and I saw I hadn't written anything proper since my Driving 101 (thank you all for the overwhelming number of views to that one!) and I thought over the reason that kept me away from blogging - work.

In the past months, I have worked and earned. Spent all of it, yes, but earned none the less. One rainy day, I had to buy myself new headphones and it hit me, 'wait, a second. I'm buying this with my own money' I usually bought stuff but then never like this. It was always:

Me: "I need money"
Mom/Sister: "Why?"
Me:"My headphones died"
Mom/Sister: "Okay, how much?"


Me:"I need money"
Mom/Sister: "What happened to the sum you were given yesterday?"
Me:"I spent it. I needed new headphones"
Mom/Sister: "Okay, how much?"

But that night, I just decided to buy a pair of headphones and I bought them. I went home and nobody asked me what I bought because I didn't ask for money. It was a feeling of... relief?

For the first time in my life, I got a taste of independence. I thought over it, every meal I bought, every place I traveled, every movie I saw, it was with what I had earned and it was a wonderful feeling. Your heart grows wings because of your brain and there is no comparison to owning that smile.


#1 Independence

The freedom of not having to give someone a detailed analysis of what you spent where is wonderful. If you spend 500 bucks in a day, buy something worth 2,000 the other day - no one will glare at you because you are spending your own blood and sweat worth of money.

#2 Secure Future

If your parents or spouse are big shot people who have a lot of money and you are sorted for the next two lives, still you must work. If you have that much money, save what you earn and give a bit of it to your mom. The sense of achievement of giving a contribution in your house is the highest of all! Save the rest for later. Maybe your family will need it, money lying in the bank never goes waste.

#3 Confidence

"So what are you doing?"
"Oh, me? I'm working right now"

There is nothing better than telling people you are working. You are contributing to the success of a company and giving your share in the world. The world exists because of you and they are paying you for it. Hold your head high and nose higher, you work!

#4 Escape :P

OK, this is wrong :P But I've used "I have so much work!" as an excuse to get out of so many family functions. I mean the ones I really really truly with all my heart wanted to avoid!

#5 Security

You secure yourself when you work. There is a positive inflow of green in your life. You want a Mercedes? You don't just wish for it, you are working towards it too. You are lapping every person who is praying for money.

They are praying for it, you are making it.


Anyway, it's time to get back to work for me. I love every bit of it. I hope you get a promotion at your work or maybe, even a better job!

May you always have money in your life,

Until Next Time,

Curry /bye

Friday, September 7

The 5 Bite Diet FAQ

1) What is the Five Bite Diet (5BD) and what to do in it?

- The ‘5BD’ is a diet created by Dr. Alwin C. Lewis and mentioned in his book ‘Why Weigh Around? Changing the Weightloss Strategy’. He tells us that people who want to lose their extra weight and Fast should follow this diet.

This is The Basic Idea

No Breakfast (as it stimulates appetite)
1 Multi-Vitamin
5 Bites for Lunch
5 Bites for Dinner
1 Bite of Protein

2) How do you follow the Five Bite Diet?

- My routine is fairly simple.

10 AM : 1 Multi vitamin
01 PM : Snickers Bar (2 oz)
05 PM : An Egg
09 PM : Snickers Bar (2 oz)

In between have Diet Coke/ Pepsi or water. I will admit that I have had my bad days while on the but Dr. Lewis says forgive your self and get over it.

Also, the gap between your two meals should be 4 hours, so my plan is according to that.

3) What is the science behind the Five Bite Diet?

- This is going to be long because I’m giving the gist of the book!

People who undergo Gastric Bypass surgery (which is getting operated to shrink their stomach) because of excessive weight problems are recommended to eat 9 bites of anything per day because the size of their stomach becomes so small, that 9 bites fill them up.

Dr. Lewis says, “If we can recommend eating as less as 9 bites per day to the least healthy members of the society, why can’t we tell this to people who want to lose weight without undergoing expensive surgery.”

Eating 10 bites per day, 5 bites at a time will automatically shrink the size of your stomach. Our bodies have a thing called ‘Hungerstat’. It is the regulator of our appetite and it’s very easy to adjust.

If you’ll eat 5 bites for lunch, 5 bites for dinner for 3 days, your tummy will start feeling satisfied from Day 4.

4) Why Snickers? Can I not eat anything else? Don’t Chocolates make you Fat?

- Snickers is the perfect size and volume of a meal. It has EXACTLY 5 bites and that is how much we should eat.
Naah, Snickers is not necessary. You can even eat anything but only 5 bites of it. My eldest sister eats sandwich, my second sister eats Cadbury 5 Star Fruit & Nut while I eat Snickers.

I read it on yahoo! answers, one woman would eat Big Mac but stop after the 5th bite, she still lost weight. (I’m trying to find that particular article, will link it when I find it!) [Found the article! This is it]

The Main thing is: Don’t cheat and Stop after the 5th Bite.

Chocolates Don’t Make You Fat. Nothing makes you fat. Only the amount of what you eat does. You’re smart enough to judge how much to eat what :)

5) What if I can finish a Big Mac in 1 Bite! I can have 5 more?! Bullocks, I will lose weight!

- Firstly, you’re cheating with yourself. Keep the Big Mac and a Snicker next to each other. Do you get the difference in one bite of a Snicker and one huge Big Mac?

A bite is perfect when you put food in your mouth and it doesnt give you chipmunk cheeks. Please, eat like a lady :) atleast until your goal weight is around the corner!

6) You’re still not getting me convinced. I think Five Bite Diet is starvation.

- *Sigh* It is not starvation. Everything you eat, even the spiciest chilly, gets broken down to get converted to sugar so that your body can absorb it. That’s why you eat anything it won’t matter- nothing but the size of what you’re eating.

Your stomach will get adjusted to the size of your food in 3 days. You’re getting your Vitamins and Minerals through the Multi-Vit. You’re getting your Protein and Carb with that Egg. Everything is there.

7) It’s my Day 1 and I am hungry!

- I empathize with you. I said your body takes 3 days to get adjusted. Day 1, 2 and 3 will be your test of self-control. Life after that will be as smooth as silk :) Just keep your UGW in mind and the scale will overwhelm you at the end of the week.
But if you’ve been failing, i’d suggest you to warm up by half of what you’re eating and saying NO to foods you think will make you fat. The warm up is for your self-control and not your body.

8) I’m past my Day 3, I’m still hungry.

- You’re not hungry. This is the psychological hunger because all your life you’ve eaten more than required or you’ve given in to temptation. This is time to tell your body that you’re the BOSS!

- Take a deep breath, pour some cold water in a glass, sit somewhere and drink it like it’s wine. Slowly, enjoying the taste.

- Prepare Iced Green Tea (Sugar Free) and drink it, it would curb your false hunger and PLUS it’s GREEN TEA! And we all know Green Tea aids weight-loss!

9) Did you Exercise while on the diet? How much weight have you lost?

Weight loss is 80% diet and 20% Exercise.
You run on a treadmill for 1 hour, you’ll burn 300 calories, you eat a piece of chocolate cake- your one hour on treadmill is lost in 1 minute.

Dr. Lewis says, “Exercise to keep your Head in the Game” Exercising while on the diet will do nothing but aiding your weight loss even more. You can lose upto 20 pounds in 2 weeks by just following the diet, maybe you can add exercise and lose more!

But CAUTION: Do NOT Exercise the first few days, especially the first 3 days.

After 3 days, if you feel good about eating less, then you may go on to exercise but start with moderation, please? Maybe just a li’l cardio or light weights.

About Me: I don’t exercise. I just walk about a kilometer locally and go nearby distances on my cycle. I’m following the 80% part of the weight loss, I’ll think about the other 20% later

Thanks to the 5BD, overall I’ve lost 17 pounds as of today: 12th May :)

10) I will Exercise on the Diet!

Good for you! You’r gonna get super results! But I’d rather you make some changes- try having chicken breast piece instead of an egg because you’ll need more protein for exercise.

11) What is the Modified Version?

When I re-begin my diet, I suck for a month and binge and crib. This happens with a lot of people and I’ve found a way out!

For a few days, instead of eating the Snickers ENTIRELY at once, have 2 bites and drink Diet Soda until you’re full.

Now later when you’ll feel hungry at 2pm or 3pm something, you can have 1 bite and drink loads of Diet Soda.

This way, you won’t binge and even follow the five bite rule and lose weight.

12) My question is not on this list. Email me at I don't check my comments much!

Thursday, July 26

Driving 101: Things Driving School Wallah Doesn't Teach You

It's been very long since I've written a post! I'll update you guys with the cool things in my life soon but first, let's have a few Driving Lessons.

Sadly, I don't have many pictures but I'm going to write clear enough that you get the gist of what I'm talking, even newbie drivers.

The downside of going to a driving school is their cars are 'special'. The passenger's seat also has a set of Accelerator, Brake and Clutch, so when you think you're driving nicely, you aren't.. it's just your 'master' who's making it easy for you. Also, driving your own car and the driving school car is very different. Your car maybe in top condition, theirs- maybe not so much. 

P.S: I've taught myself how to drive (ok, my sister taught me how to start the car) but everything else is my opinion what I've learnt so far and how I learnt. /nobigdeal

For Newbie Drivers:

#1: Pre-driving Check:

  1. Adjust your seat to sit properly,
  2. Arrange the Rear-view mirror, so that you clearly see through the back glass (and not the people who will sit at the back!),
  3. Arrange the Left and Right mirrors such that you can see little of your car 
  4. Check your gear is neutral: move it slightly and it should feel free, it should be  exactly in the center.

YOU'RE SET! /wahaha

#2: Urdu wali A-B-C

In Urdu, you start writing from the right hand side of the page and the Accelerator Brake Clutch are placed Urdu Style

Before starting the car, keep your feet on them and repeat five times while feeling them: Accelerator, Brake, Clutch I'm not joking. Make your conscience used to this and you won't panic ever.

  1. Now start the car, 
  2. Release the hand brake (emergency brake), 
  3. Completely press the clutch, 
  4. Put your car in 1st gear and slowly lose the clutch. 

Voila! Your car is moving!

#3: "So, okay, my car took two steps and stopped" #Embarrassed

It's fine. Happens to me when in crowded places. People behind honk horns, auto wallahs curse you, passing by bikers say, "gadi chalani nahi aati" loud enough for you to hear, sometimes I'm in the middle of the road, that is the Worst Driving Moment Ever. The key is deep breaths. Siriusly.

When your car stops suddenly,
  1. Take a deep breath, 
  2. Shut your car, 
  3. Press clutch fully, 
  4. Put your gear on neutral,
  5. Turn on car,
  6. Try again.

If this still happens, you're panicking /blur and letting go of the clutch too fast. Fuck the world. You're learning, they were noobs once upon a time too. Try again, this time, when you start the car, accelerate to wake your car up and do all the steps again - Leave Clutch S..L..O..W..L..Y..

#4 Gears and Speed

"But teach me how to change gears!" I yelled at my sister
"Ok fine! I'll teach you. Let's go" She said furiously
I did what I was taught 2 months ago, starting the car. 2 minutes in and she yelled, "Change the gear now!"
I screamed, "How!"
"Stop! Stop! Brake daba!"

I was thrown out of the drivers seat, just like that. Lesson Learnt: None.

So here's the gear box made easy for you:


N = Neutral,
Orange lines show you the way!

Gear ONE

 Gear TWO


 Gear FOUR


I don't think you're going to need Gear 3, 4 and especially 5 but what's the harm in telling?

Point To Remember: Never take directly to Gear 2, 3, 4 or 5. You don't tell a baby to start running as soon as it's born! First you crawl, walk and then RUN (that's gears 1, 2 and 3 for you) :P

SPEEDOMETER and Gears (based on km/hr):

When in Gear 1: Stay within 10 to 20
When you cross 20, change to Gear 2

I usually dance between Gear 1 and Gear 2 so that's all I can tell you.

#4: Changing Gears Like A Boss

That thing they show in movies, the hero is fastly changing the gears and you're like WHOA! Me too! This is your moment. /wahaha

- When Taking Turns (Left/ Right Turns or U-Turns)

If your car is in Gear 2, Give your Signal (Right hand side of steering wheel) to which direction you're going in, well before the actual turn and slowly take your car in that direction.

The moment your car is straight, 

  1. Change to Gear 1, 
  2. Press clutch fully, 
  3. Keep your feet lightly over the brake,
  4. Fully turn your steering wheel,
  5. Release Clutch S..L..O..W..L..Y
  6. Now that your car is in the lane, steer your wheel in the opposite direction to make your car straight again.
  7. Go to speed 20, if no or less traffic, Change to Gear 2

Great! :D

Same goes for left right turns, instead of taking a U, you just go left or right. Make sure your car is on either sides and NOT In the middle. You don't want to angry the people who're behind you

- Tackling Crossroads

Crossroads freak me out, especially the ones that have speedbreakers right before the crossroad but you can always tame them!

When you see approaching crossroad and you want to go STRAIGHT, 

  1. Change to Gear 1, 
  2. Press clutch fully
  3. Keep the clutch under control and feet lightly on the brake,
  4. Make sure your car is not in the extreme corners but somewhere in the middle (so that cars coming from other directions wont crash into you)
  5. When you've managed to leave the road you were on and you're in the crossroad, you've passed, release the clutch slowly and accelerate to 20
  6. Change to Gear 2


#5: Markets and Careless Humans

Humans are careless. As soon as I get into my car, I become a machine and pedestrians become humans and humans are careless. 
One time I almost knocked off a small family of 3 on a bike. /no Thankfully, I had pressed the brake on time but the father had kept his feet on the bonnet, so he became the hero. I didn't mind it, the kid said, "Daddy saved us!"

Practice driving at speed 10 km/hr and press your brake from time to time, making sure your car doesn't stop. Take rounds of empty roads in that slow speed, again making sure your car doesn't stop. When you've are 15 km atleast like this, you're ready to take on the market streets. Till then, DONT. Humans are careless.

So that's all of driving I've learnt so far :)

I hope this post has helped/ will help you in your driving.

Until I learn more,

Monday, April 23

Exams Finished!

On April 21, 2012 - I bade goodbye to the last exam of my Bachelor's life! (Insha-Allah)

Having slept only 18 hours in the whole week, I'm glad I can finally sleep now! (Not much because relatives are home, but oh well :))

My papers were bad but I'm hoping I all clear. Marks don't really matter, trust me.

No more writing exams, that thought is really elusive, you guys!

Let my feelings be described:

When I thought, "Only one more exam to go" I was like:

When I submitted my paper to the supervisor, I was like 

When Faraz and I met outside the gate after the papers, we were like

When the Homosexuality Movement in my center was outside the center, he was like

(I'm not even kidding)

Faraz and Fahad stared at him like

Friends at College were like

One of the girls among them was like

Seeing that Me, Azra and Sarah were like

but still Azra and Sarah were like

and I was like

Still I am bounded by the question, "What Next?" but then I am going to put it off for a while. In this moment, I'm happy (slightly nervous) but then still happy. 

You stay fabulous.


Curry /bye

Wednesday, April 11

It takes Courage

Living is a very tough job to do. Especially if you want to live at the top. First there is climbing it up from the bottom and then there's balancing at that tip. There are others in this world who are climbing and they seem better too.

It's bothersome, I actually just had a crying session on this. There's so much pressure, mostly that I put on myself and it's easier to convince a friend than it is to trust yourself. I don't know how people even do it?

My mom says I'm worried because I'm a scorpion.

'The scorpion symbolizes the personality-centered SCORPIO.  She engages in a dance of death for total ego supremacy over everyone'

Won't deny it. This is partly correct. It's tough for me to think of someone who can be better at something I am best at. So many people have tried to change my mind but it's just bothersome. It's easier said than done. Is there anyone out there who actually understands what I'm going through? The invisible pressure I'm feeling?

I want to let go. To breathe and be like my 'lol i don't care' self. I want to just be happy, you know?

You don't know. And this post has no purpose.

Go study bros. We should study. Not studying is what has got me here.


Friday, February 24

More Than What Meets The Eye

Ever wondered that there should be someone who sees more than what you show? Someone who will get to know you, who you really are and then like you for it?

Did you know? Everyone feels that.

They don't just say, 'Each one is special'. They say it because it's true. Every person is different and unique. You should get to know them and their circumstances. There is no other way that you will learn Compassion.

If you wonder why I am writing this, because I'm tired. Tired of people judging others by appearances.

This is what the woman I'm inspired by has to say:

Isn't it true? The first thing we say to someone is how they look. Something of the sort happened to me too.

Me to a friend who met Raveena Tandon: "Hey, how is she?!"

What I expected: She's cute and very friendly!

What he replied: She's very well maintained.

I was taken aback. So the little time you spent with her, you spent it checking her out? Whatever happened to what you are inside? In your heart?

If everyone does judge people by how they look, why work so hard on things like personality and character? Then who's fault is it that there are hoes in the 'hood? Because all that you, shallow person, care about is looks.

I go through the daily torture of, 

  • "you've become fat" 
  • "you've become thin!" 
  • "you had lost weight last time I saw you
  • "try this new diet!" 
I've become so used to this, if no one says this- I start judging myself.

Within this time frame, 

  • I completed 2 internships
  • Topped my college, 
  • Wrote articles for various websites, 
  • Had blogposts that had over 300 views (big deal for me)
  • Won a scooty and also 
  • Made a Kick-Ass Voters' Awareness Video (with few friends from class!)

HERE'S FOOD FOR THOUGHT: If you yourself judge people for how they appear to you, don't you think you are being judged for how you look too?

All I want to say is like there is more to you than you show, there is more to someone else too. A bad accident, a disease from the past, overdose, death, you don't know. Be the bigger person and look past what you see. Look through the obvious and see what beats in that little heart. Getting to know a person only will make you a better person.

Don't be an asshole. Beauty fades, brains remain.

Until you realize your shallowness & change,

Karima /bye

Thursday, January 26

MLIF: Where the F stand for Filmy

We say, "It happens only in movies" but what we forget is movies are inspired from real life - Myself ;)
Pre-Script: Excuse my shift in language from British to American to Nigger to Hindi to Drool. My heart is typing through my fingers!

This happened with me. Ok, please don't put this anywhere on my facebook because if he finds out- I am screwed :P But then, my heart says I should put it out because that's what we bloggers do, we share our feelings and especially now because my heart is feeling all warm :P

Yesterday: Epic Day. Just assume that I'm doing a very important work right now and where I am doing my "important work" He goes there. Climbing them stairs with my friend, I glanced back and there was He. I smiled, my heart skipped a beat (so obvious), I went up for a split second, did what I had to do and when I got back down (hardly 10 seconds) he was gone. Then when we reached the end of the stairs, I sneakily looked at him & boy was busy chatting with friends, I smiled and went ahead.

Then fate happened, I had to go where he was and I greeted him with my heart in my mouth (now you can imagine what kind of voice came out) and then I did my another split-second work and before going, looked at him and my boy winked like:

I was /shock so I went like:

I'm pretty sure I smiled like:

But my heart went like:

Later when I went to doing my work, I was all:


This is so not helpful, Tera Honey Laga Hoon from Ajab Prem.. is playing right now.

Back to the story,

You know how they show in movies that everything goes into slow motion and then there's a lot of hair flying and people looking at you but you only see the one person, you love?


Einstein was right about Time Dilation. How time does in fact become slow and fast sometimes.

The time between me going where he was standing, saying barely audible 'hi', doing my business, looking back at him and then giving my grin, it was as if we were running 1 second = 5 seconds slowly. The Crush's female colleagues saw the 100 Watt light on my face and I'm concerned if they'll tell him. You know us girls are breaking bubbles all the time, "ayyy... she likes you!!!!"

I've been thinking about his so humble incident and I can't tell you how happy I feel. He mustn't even know but it's okay, blog :) One Day.

Anyway, while I blush to death, you guys have a beautiful Republic Day and start asking people out for Valentines.. :)

Love you,
Curry /bye

Wednesday, January 18


One moment ago, I changed the title of this post from "What A Woman Does For A Man" to just "Women" because doing things for men is just our second nature.

We all know women were suppressed in the past, if you've watched/ read The DaVinci Code, Robert Langdon gives you the pre-1800s version of it too. How women are treated in various corners of India and the world, let's just not talk about it right now.

If you must wonder, what led me to writing a post about 'my kind', the answer would be one trip to the Beauty Parlor. Unisex or Ladies, Beauty Parlors 90% of the strength is ladies. I had gone there a few days ago, you know, business purposes :P I had to wait for about an hour before it was my turn and I did what a blogger does- observe.

Every woman there was animated talking about one thing in different forms - MEN. Their sentences started from, "My husband is coming home...", "My boyfriend said that...", "I have a date with this boy..." They were getting waxed, doing their eyebrows, becoming hairless, getting 'whitening' treatment and a billion other things. Why? They wanted to look beautiful.

I am all for looking gorgeous, what I found hurtful was they were doing it to be appealing to someone else. Especially a MAN.

Women do so friggin much for a guy. Turn on your TV and look at ads! Mostly ads are about a girl who wants a guy then she uses Fair & Lovely and the boy goes, /shocked. Oh, the anti-ageing ads. The girls picture doesn't make the front cover because she looks old. Then she uses the anti-ageing cream and voila! Cover Page AND over that 30-something boys' magazine! Another one is where one woman is getting 'radiance' for her husband.

Why is there so much pressure on a woman to look good is beyond me. Boys don't make abs for girls, they make it to show their 6-packs to other boys :P No, for reals :P

Now that I'm planning on entering the Ad World, I promise I'll try to break this vicious mindset that everyone has about 'Women looking pretty & young all the time'

To all girls, all I'm trying to put across is, not always but sometimes- do things for yourself too :) as obnoxious as this sounds, "coz you're amaziiinggg JUUSSTT TTHHEEE WAAAY YOOUU AAREEE!!!!"

(Confession: I'm just staring at Bruno's lips in this.. I mean..)

Until I write more,
Curry /bye

Wednesday, January 11

Turn Your House Into a Club in 10 Minutes! 100% Guarantee!

Do YOU want to be a Dude?!

Do YOU have what it takes to be Cool?!

Do YOU Want to be the King/ Queen of Clubs?!

Are YOU ready to make your house into a DanceFloor?!

You Will Need: 
  • Music Player
  • Speakers, Space.

Story First: The Best Friend, her good friends and I had gone to one of those places where they have a restaurant and a dance floor together (Lounge, do they call it?) and mainly we'd gone there just to dance. To be honest, the DJ was very mediocre. He played Sheila, Munni, Chikni Chameli and Jalebi Bai so many times I thought I probably was in one of the places that were banned by the Government in early 2000. A few days ago the Best Friend had said, "You know Kari, we should be DJs" and I said to myself, "Why Not?" She's right. We have more fun dancing at our humble Sleepovers.

Presenting, our favorite club hits that will turn your bedroom, living room, kitchen, terrace, rooftop, tabletop (wherever you can manage to turn the music up and dance) into a superb club! 

Leave the mouth of your friends' hanging and be the DUDE of the party! Learn the lyrics and they shall worship you ;)

KARIMA's 2011 CLUB HITS (In No Particular Order)
  • Rain Over Me - Pitbull ft. Marc Anthony

  • Tonight (Give Me Everything) - Pitbull ft. Na-Yo, Neyo

  • Tu Mera Hero (Subah Honey Na De) - Desi Boyz

  • Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5
            • Currently my Ringtone ;)

  • Rabiosa - Shakira

  • Chammak Challo - Ra.One (AKON)

  • Alexandra Stan - Mr. Saxobeat
  • Alexandra Stan - Crazy

  • Criminal - Ra.One (AKON)

  • Lady Gaga - Judas

  • Lady Gaga - Bad Romance


  • Ishq Risk (Remix)- Meri Brother Ki Dulhan

  • Lady Gaga - Telephone

  • Rupee - Tempted to Touch

  • Jennifer Lopez -  On The Floor

  • LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem

  • LMFAO - I'm Sexy and I Know It

  • Shakira - Loca (English)

Other Hindi ones you guys must already know, I hope. These are my favs, as I've said!

Now go, download these and DO tell me if you use this list and if it pays off! If you get the 'DUUUUDEEE!!!!!' respect, there is no person happier than me. Now go and SHAKE-THAT-ASS.

Till I remember more songs,
Curry! /bye

Monday, January 9

I love it, I hate it.

This is about my relationship with a vehicle. One that I lovingly call my own but does not belong to me. It's tracks are as dense as the diverse population in Mumbai and birds-eye view of it makes resembles out body's Nervous System.

Between 8:00 to 9:30 am as I stand on a platform, waiting for a Churchgate fast, I pray to God. I know how it feels for athletes who participate in various competition when the gun fires and they have to start their sport. Infact ever regular Mumbaikar knows that feeling. We go through that twice a day when we board a train. So many things in one short minute:

  • Impatience when the announcer says, "The train arriving on platform no. 2 is a fast local to Churchgate..."
  • Hope when your probably standing in the second line and you have chances of getting a place to stand
  • Persistence when the train stops and you struggle to hold the rod and climb
  • Victory when you finally find place to plant your two feet
  • Patience when you couldn't get in and you wait for the next train to come
  • Focus when you miss 3 trains in a row and you don't give up. You wait for the next one and give this one your best ability to climb

When 26/7 floods and 26/11 attacks happened, everyone asked "How are you Mumbaikars so composed about it? How do you return to your lives so fast" I've been thinking about this and I've come to the conclusion that we are born strong and travelling in Locals condition us. You must think I'm a lunatic but think about the feelings I mentioned just above: Hope, Persistence, Patience, Victory, Focus isn't that what you need to move on in life? 

Travelling everyday since the past 3 years and spending 2 hours in the train, I've learnt so much. Mumbai 

  • Locals teach us to 'hang on' incase you were the last one to get in and you're standing on the edge,
  • That it's okay to lean on people and ask for help when you feel like you're falling
  • If you miss a train, it's okay. There is one more behind this one and will take you where you want to go. You only have to wait a few minutes.
  • Sometimes people will push you and call you names but you have to only increase the volume in your headphones and wait till your stop comes. Probably they will get down at Andheri or will leave you alone when they see you're not interested.

When there was this show, 'Ladies Special' on Sony. I was excited to watch it but it was such a downer, I stopped watching it after the 3rd episode.

As for me, Western Railway and I share a love-hate relationship. When I'm late to college, there's always a Andheri Slow (My college is at Bandra, that's 3 stations away), trains are immensely crowded or the trains run at Snail's Pace. I love it when the trains are empty, it's going really fast and I'm hanging near the door as the cool breeze is brushing my hair. I feel like in a Music Video and oh, I love the people. They think I'm a crazy chick and leave me alone.

Mumbai Locals are what make Mumbai what it is. If your ready to listen, it has lessons and stories to tell too. Will you give it a chance?

Till I see you next time,
Karima /bye