Tuesday, November 16

Rush of Emotions

So I've come to find that I update this blog-space of mine when I'm feeling extreme emotions. One of being gruesomely happy and the other being ecstatically sad. Right Now, In this moment, I'm in a jiff.

As I stare at my computer screen, look from my book shelf to the teddy right below it to the cell phone right next to my keyboard and back to the screen and I wonder what should I write about? A few moments ago, I closed my eyes and took deep breaths to open any knots in my neuron system but it seems they're running smooth enough.

When I ask my heart to be honest, out comes this answer- "You know what this is about. This thing you're feeling. You only don't wanna accept it"

So basically I'm having a rush of emotions as my title suggests. But my heart is such a tricker, it's telling me I know but its not sending the correct signal to my brain.

Until it does, I think you guys will have to wait as to what is happening with my stupid feelings.

Karima /bye