Monday, March 4

New Girl: Nick, Jess and me

I have been rooting for Nick and Jess since I set my sight on them (episode one, obviously). I knew something was going to be there (everyone was). The weird attraction and love that they secretly carry for each other is very cute to watch. So when I saw, Season 2 Episode 15. I was like /shock /blush.

Oh, don't know what I'm saying? Watch this:

Everything about it is so beautiful! Mostly because we've all been waiting for this to happen for a full year and a half! I need a place to rant about this. Best 22 seconds of TV viewing. Especially when Nick says, 'I meant something like that' and then he just walks away.

He doesn't walk - he struts! There's so much mystery going on there. Like a man on who just completed a mission.

Then in the next episode, he's back to being Nick. Haha.

I love Jake Johnson :) I love Nick and Jess :)

Until Next Time,


Saturday, March 2

I am Cursed

This post is the truth. Until now, I thought it was only in my head but it's true. I am cursed.

Once upon a time, in 2009, I had fallen in something people dub as 'love'. My only friend in the new town showed liking towards me and we were about to embark on a sweet journey together when he said that he had serious reasons because of which we couldn't be together. /shock. The New Year started with hopelessness and despair. Everything was a blur /blur, every time I woke up in the morning, I was going /floor. Then I found a friend who helped me get over it. This one knew I loved him so we were cool, right? Wrong. Time went on and my friend said he loved me. I was all /shock. I was already in love. With a pathetic asshole who got a girl for himself as soon as his college started. My friend went nuts and I was going  nuts too. He went to the limits of drunk dialing, gifts, chocolates (which I never accepted) and then it all went more crazy. So I'm guessing I got cursed by him that I will never find True Love because I broke his heart

Fast forward 2013. Somehow, after 2 years of struggling, I got over my so called love and dubbed him as a 'lesson' or 'crush'. This guy ultimately lost himself because his girl left him and he can't get over it (suck it, bitch) and he's being nice to me. My old friend (who totally doesn't talk with him and ignores me like the next big Fuck) is happy because he found someone who loved him more than I could ever even try. I'm hoping they get married and have children. I don't know if he'll invite me to his wedding, though. 

Then there's me. My story of a hopeless life continues. I like someone, someone else likes me and I think I like him too but then some other person who likes him as well.

Weird? Welcome to my life. I am Cursed.

Seven Cats and Me

Some people are plain unlucky. They end up with cats. I have seen my end, it is with cats. Maybe if my mom wouldn't allow me to get a real one, I'll make do with stuffed versions.

If you're reading this, don't. Change tabs, change windows but don't read this. This is my narration of how helpless and unlucky i feel. So helpless that even my backspace wouldn't work that I can capitalize the I in the previous sentence.

I'm sad because it seemed like I had a chance. We had a chance. I mean I'd have to walk over something I dearly love but, you gotta take rough decisions sometimes, no? I was ready to take that chance, jump off the hill with nothing but blind faith, nope. I have to hold back. Again. for the umpteenth time. I'm mentally and emotionally drained.

Go home, you guys. There's nothing to read here.