Wednesday, April 21

Dan Brown: The Lost Symbol = Amazing

Drooling on DB!

Book                   : The Lost Symbol
Author               : Dan Brown
Date of Release : September 2009

This book is one of the books I can safely call "Page-turner"

P. S.: Not for faint-hearted who cry even if a security guard dies. Otherwise this book is for everyone who likes to read.

Keep In Mind :

If you want to totally understand the book & make it a movie-like experience and obviously dont want it to be a /blur blur)

1. Like me, if you’re not an American national or haven’t visited America in person- keep GOOGLE open at all times.

2. If this is not possible, keep a notepad and make notes of all places and things that you do not understand to later search for them. Also, write the page numbers, will keep you in flow of the story :D 

{Please, don’t dirty your copy of a novel, never- they’re not textbooks, people will read them & let them do so without your disturbing markings :)}

I hopped on the Vidhar Gondia Express on April 18, the train jumped into motion, after all passengers got settled; I climbed up on the dreaded Upper Seat of the cool AC Coach and removed from my bag this mysterious book. I looked down to see what my mom was doing- she had already made acquaintances with the fellow passengers so I left at that.

My elder sister had got this, read it & when I asked her "How's it?" she replied with a mere "It’s just 'The Secret'" referring to the book by Rhonda Byrne. But my mom’s warning that I am to accompany her to my native had been sudden and left me with no time to go to a book shop & rent some books for my time in Nagpur. So, I grabbed whichever book I hadn’t read that was available at home and The Lost Symbol was the most attractive of them all because I never found Appy's “It’s just ‘The Secret’” convincing enough.

The first few pages said majority things were real, I went /hmm and read further stopping at page 110 only because my mom was calling me down for dinner… I read for 3hours and I didn’t even know. Normally, I’m a ferocious reader but having seen ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and ‘Angels & Demons’, I knew I had to swallow each word, understand and create a correct picture of whatever was happening.

No, I’m not giving you a review of The Lost Symbol; there are a whole bunch of websites for that pick your like. All I’m telling is that it is a very good book- full of twists and turns, the best part is Robert Langdon does EVERYTHING FOR YOU; you only need to cozy up and read and understand. But I promise you, you're gonna have a share of /omg Oh My God! moments :)
Dan Brown is one author that makes all others look timid. Read his books, you’ll side with me very soon :)

If you’re reading this, go rent/ buy The Lost Symbol and tell me how you like it. I can’t wait to go back home and discuss this with my elder sister- its gonna be fun.

Until Next time,

Karima /bye