Thursday, July 26

Driving 101: Things Driving School Wallah Doesn't Teach You

It's been very long since I've written a post! I'll update you guys with the cool things in my life soon but first, let's have a few Driving Lessons.

Sadly, I don't have many pictures but I'm going to write clear enough that you get the gist of what I'm talking, even newbie drivers.

The downside of going to a driving school is their cars are 'special'. The passenger's seat also has a set of Accelerator, Brake and Clutch, so when you think you're driving nicely, you aren't.. it's just your 'master' who's making it easy for you. Also, driving your own car and the driving school car is very different. Your car maybe in top condition, theirs- maybe not so much. 

P.S: I've taught myself how to drive (ok, my sister taught me how to start the car) but everything else is my opinion what I've learnt so far and how I learnt. /nobigdeal

For Newbie Drivers:

#1: Pre-driving Check:

  1. Adjust your seat to sit properly,
  2. Arrange the Rear-view mirror, so that you clearly see through the back glass (and not the people who will sit at the back!),
  3. Arrange the Left and Right mirrors such that you can see little of your car 
  4. Check your gear is neutral: move it slightly and it should feel free, it should be  exactly in the center.

YOU'RE SET! /wahaha

#2: Urdu wali A-B-C

In Urdu, you start writing from the right hand side of the page and the Accelerator Brake Clutch are placed Urdu Style

Before starting the car, keep your feet on them and repeat five times while feeling them: Accelerator, Brake, Clutch I'm not joking. Make your conscience used to this and you won't panic ever.

  1. Now start the car, 
  2. Release the hand brake (emergency brake), 
  3. Completely press the clutch, 
  4. Put your car in 1st gear and slowly lose the clutch. 

Voila! Your car is moving!

#3: "So, okay, my car took two steps and stopped" #Embarrassed

It's fine. Happens to me when in crowded places. People behind honk horns, auto wallahs curse you, passing by bikers say, "gadi chalani nahi aati" loud enough for you to hear, sometimes I'm in the middle of the road, that is the Worst Driving Moment Ever. The key is deep breaths. Siriusly.

When your car stops suddenly,
  1. Take a deep breath, 
  2. Shut your car, 
  3. Press clutch fully, 
  4. Put your gear on neutral,
  5. Turn on car,
  6. Try again.

If this still happens, you're panicking /blur and letting go of the clutch too fast. Fuck the world. You're learning, they were noobs once upon a time too. Try again, this time, when you start the car, accelerate to wake your car up and do all the steps again - Leave Clutch S..L..O..W..L..Y..

#4 Gears and Speed

"But teach me how to change gears!" I yelled at my sister
"Ok fine! I'll teach you. Let's go" She said furiously
I did what I was taught 2 months ago, starting the car. 2 minutes in and she yelled, "Change the gear now!"
I screamed, "How!"
"Stop! Stop! Brake daba!"

I was thrown out of the drivers seat, just like that. Lesson Learnt: None.

So here's the gear box made easy for you:


N = Neutral,
Orange lines show you the way!

Gear ONE

 Gear TWO


 Gear FOUR


I don't think you're going to need Gear 3, 4 and especially 5 but what's the harm in telling?

Point To Remember: Never take directly to Gear 2, 3, 4 or 5. You don't tell a baby to start running as soon as it's born! First you crawl, walk and then RUN (that's gears 1, 2 and 3 for you) :P

SPEEDOMETER and Gears (based on km/hr):

When in Gear 1: Stay within 10 to 20
When you cross 20, change to Gear 2

I usually dance between Gear 1 and Gear 2 so that's all I can tell you.

#4: Changing Gears Like A Boss

That thing they show in movies, the hero is fastly changing the gears and you're like WHOA! Me too! This is your moment. /wahaha

- When Taking Turns (Left/ Right Turns or U-Turns)

If your car is in Gear 2, Give your Signal (Right hand side of steering wheel) to which direction you're going in, well before the actual turn and slowly take your car in that direction.

The moment your car is straight, 

  1. Change to Gear 1, 
  2. Press clutch fully, 
  3. Keep your feet lightly over the brake,
  4. Fully turn your steering wheel,
  5. Release Clutch S..L..O..W..L..Y
  6. Now that your car is in the lane, steer your wheel in the opposite direction to make your car straight again.
  7. Go to speed 20, if no or less traffic, Change to Gear 2

Great! :D

Same goes for left right turns, instead of taking a U, you just go left or right. Make sure your car is on either sides and NOT In the middle. You don't want to angry the people who're behind you

- Tackling Crossroads

Crossroads freak me out, especially the ones that have speedbreakers right before the crossroad but you can always tame them!

When you see approaching crossroad and you want to go STRAIGHT, 

  1. Change to Gear 1, 
  2. Press clutch fully
  3. Keep the clutch under control and feet lightly on the brake,
  4. Make sure your car is not in the extreme corners but somewhere in the middle (so that cars coming from other directions wont crash into you)
  5. When you've managed to leave the road you were on and you're in the crossroad, you've passed, release the clutch slowly and accelerate to 20
  6. Change to Gear 2


#5: Markets and Careless Humans

Humans are careless. As soon as I get into my car, I become a machine and pedestrians become humans and humans are careless. 
One time I almost knocked off a small family of 3 on a bike. /no Thankfully, I had pressed the brake on time but the father had kept his feet on the bonnet, so he became the hero. I didn't mind it, the kid said, "Daddy saved us!"

Practice driving at speed 10 km/hr and press your brake from time to time, making sure your car doesn't stop. Take rounds of empty roads in that slow speed, again making sure your car doesn't stop. When you've are 15 km atleast like this, you're ready to take on the market streets. Till then, DONT. Humans are careless.

So that's all of driving I've learnt so far :)

I hope this post has helped/ will help you in your driving.

Until I learn more,