Wednesday, January 11

Turn Your House Into a Club in 10 Minutes! 100% Guarantee!

Do YOU want to be a Dude?!

Do YOU have what it takes to be Cool?!

Do YOU Want to be the King/ Queen of Clubs?!

Are YOU ready to make your house into a DanceFloor?!

You Will Need: 
  • Music Player
  • Speakers, Space.

Story First: The Best Friend, her good friends and I had gone to one of those places where they have a restaurant and a dance floor together (Lounge, do they call it?) and mainly we'd gone there just to dance. To be honest, the DJ was very mediocre. He played Sheila, Munni, Chikni Chameli and Jalebi Bai so many times I thought I probably was in one of the places that were banned by the Government in early 2000. A few days ago the Best Friend had said, "You know Kari, we should be DJs" and I said to myself, "Why Not?" She's right. We have more fun dancing at our humble Sleepovers.

Presenting, our favorite club hits that will turn your bedroom, living room, kitchen, terrace, rooftop, tabletop (wherever you can manage to turn the music up and dance) into a superb club! 

Leave the mouth of your friends' hanging and be the DUDE of the party! Learn the lyrics and they shall worship you ;)

KARIMA's 2011 CLUB HITS (In No Particular Order)
  • Rain Over Me - Pitbull ft. Marc Anthony

  • Tonight (Give Me Everything) - Pitbull ft. Na-Yo, Neyo

  • Tu Mera Hero (Subah Honey Na De) - Desi Boyz

  • Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5
            • Currently my Ringtone ;)

  • Rabiosa - Shakira

  • Chammak Challo - Ra.One (AKON)

  • Alexandra Stan - Mr. Saxobeat
  • Alexandra Stan - Crazy

  • Criminal - Ra.One (AKON)

  • Lady Gaga - Judas

  • Lady Gaga - Bad Romance


  • Ishq Risk (Remix)- Meri Brother Ki Dulhan

  • Lady Gaga - Telephone

  • Rupee - Tempted to Touch

  • Jennifer Lopez -  On The Floor

  • LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem

  • LMFAO - I'm Sexy and I Know It

  • Shakira - Loca (English)

Other Hindi ones you guys must already know, I hope. These are my favs, as I've said!

Now go, download these and DO tell me if you use this list and if it pays off! If you get the 'DUUUUDEEE!!!!!' respect, there is no person happier than me. Now go and SHAKE-THAT-ASS.

Till I remember more songs,
Curry! /bye