Sunday, October 3

All it takes is a little Push

You have wishes and a lot of them. So many, that your heart gets full of it when someone asks, "what do you wish for?" but isn't it ironical? When someone does ask you that- your mind goes blank and you start playing  fish-pond in your head- picking a wish randomly and saying it out loud realizing later /omg that it wasn't actually what you wanted desperately, it was something else. 'Opportunity knocks your door only once' a wrong saying :)

What I have learnt through books, elders, personal experiences is that you create opportunities, it isn't a postman that'll spoon-feed you by coming to your doorstep smiling and delivering success. Just like a letter, even that success has to be written by someone. That someone should be you.

If someone who knows me (esp. my family) and if they read this- probably they're going ROFL 'coz I think I invented 'weird' but hey, if my experiences help someone, isn't it a good thing? Maybe if one person out there reads this and if his life is awesomer by 1%, isn't it an achievement for both of us?

A small Accomplishment is still an Accomplishment :)

So Push yourself don't enslave :) Be the Flying Ostrich.. Yes, Ostriches can't fly but didn't they say the same about Humans?

Don't know why I'm even writing this. I want something and it's a hard thing to want. I want a diamond desired by all. Will I get it?

Lucks to you and to me also

Curry /bye