Wednesday, November 17

Top 10 : Songs from the Past

Memories play a really important part of who you really are and the words 'Past' and 'Memory' go hand in hand. What anything better than music that as has a beautiful piece of who you are attached with it? /please

Following is list of my Top 10 favorite songs from the past - English and Hindi alike! :)

P.S: Past for Me, being 19, is 1990s.. I haven't put up Late Michael Jackson because he deserves his own Top 10! (Coming Soon)

Well, I hope you enjoy them!

Top 10 : Songs from the Past

Until Next Time,
Currymwaah /bye

Rush of Emotions - II

Guess What?! I figured it out!

They were right, Rhona Bryne and Esther Hicks, I mean. When you listen to your feelings, the answers come to you (not the question paper ones) but the important ones! About Life!

The reason for my Rush of Emos was a boy I thought I liked. I thought he liked me. Then he was flirting with someone else and I was seeing that. It was disturbing.

Why am I so happy? The girl isn't half the Woman I am /wahaha and if that is what he likes, how could I like him? Doesn't Like Attract Like?

So it's all coming to down to the one and only answer. My Prince Charming is playing Hiding-in-Mirror with me and I won't mistake another piece of glass for him :)

PATIENCE and I hope my to-be guy reads this. Everytime my crush fails (mostly, they're already taken & I don't want them to b-up with their gfs for me :( ) my love for you gets stronger!

Until Next Time,
Currymwah /bye