Sunday, May 16

Past is Good

Lubi, my second elder sister had gotten for me my old computer's hard disk about 5 weeks ago and after all the mayhem I went through in April, I finally got it installed in our new desktop & I was amazed

It took me back to how I really was. When philosophers say, "People change" I never believed it. I thought, 'WTH? I haven't changed' but going through my old diary entries, the images I had saved, everything was shouting "You've changed" at me.


Now that I've looked back, more than change I've experience Growth.. Being mature, light headed, responsible :P of course a wretch as ever but in a good way :)

So if you have kept an old journal or have an old hard-disk like me, fit it in that new CPU of yours & feel proud of who you've become :)

Until Next Time,
Karima /bye