Monday, August 19

Why are you looking out the window?

I hate this world.
I do like nature and forest and animals and tranquility - that is Earth.
I like people, my family, the best friends, the good friends - they are Humans.
But I don't like our parallel existence. Where the Earth and Humans combine, they make the World.

The more you try to narrow it, the more complex it becomes. My World, Her World, Their World, Geography. And somewhere they combine. They didn't teach us the Venn diagram for nothing. The World is indeed a large Venn Diagram. Each person moulded differently, they become different for different people - in accordance with the changing World.

Nobody gets it. They think it's all the same. Like the hamster running in a cage. The day progresses, the nights commence, the clock moves, the paycheck arrives at the same time each month. But it's not. You know it. You change as you swift between these Worlds. Why are we looking for answers in the Universe? Why are we searching for other dimensions? So many exist in your very life. Think.

Then why do I hate the World? It makes me nauseous. There is so much falseness, I see right through it. Like Bathsheba Sherman feeds off of Carolyn Perron, everyone wants to feed off of you. Demented, hollow, making you believe that's something that you are doing is wrong while you eat your iron supplements to treat the wounds.

Please, I beg you. Open your mind. Be better than being trapped in your money infested dreams. Open your World to better people and open yourself to your own World instead of being the highlight of others'. Free yourself from the trance of 'destiny' and make life happen.

I will hate the World till you come and tell me, "No, Karima. It's beautiful"

Until Next Time,

I have no idea what I'm writing. It's 1 AM and I'm half asleep. It is a high possibility I'm sleep writing. I've been itching to write anything since the past few weeks. Feels good.

PS: Please watch The Conjuring to understand Bathsheba Sherman references