Wednesday, June 26

Must watch funny Desi videos

YouTube 'funny videos' and you will presented with rib tickling English videos. I wanted to be closer to home and so, these are a list of Desi videos that will tickle your funny bone! Whenever you will be bored, make sure to watch these and laugh like a maniac.

#5 Eye to Eye

This is currently in trend and it's not as bad the ones you will face ahead. Sung by Pakistani singer, director, producer, model, actor, god, Taher Shah he sways and tries to entice you with his 'glorious, fantastic, spectrum eyes'

My eye, your eye, our eye, Battar flaiii! Flayblus eye!

#4 Silsila hai ye, Silsilaa...

Apart from using Silsila hai ye, Silsila about a 100 times, this video stars a few gori mems so you just HAVE to watch this. My money is on they are tourists and they got paid Rs. 500 for it. This video doesn't end, it's a silsila

# 3 It's my life, what ever I wanna do!

One man you need to watch out for is that producer in blue. He takes the music very seriously. This is a fail attempt at trying to make a video like 'Kolaveri' 

All said and done, he is a 'very good bad boy'

#2 Boom Boom World Cup!

I love this song. Boom Boom Up Cup, Cricket Cup, World Cup! What do I talk about it? From the mandap to the world class dance moves, this song has everything! It has a 'thriller' element too... watch out for the ghost girl!

It's the bat of the cup, it's the ball of the cup, it's the six of the cup, I'm sick of the cup

#1 Jab se hui hai mohobbat...

I'm not lying when I say this, I know this song by heart. I can absolutely sing it and I can do so in public very proudly! I found this video 3 years ago and it's still fresh in my memory. Ever so funny! I won't give out anything about it - you have to watch!

Until Next Time,