Monday, March 4

New Girl: Nick, Jess and me

I have been rooting for Nick and Jess since I set my sight on them (episode one, obviously). I knew something was going to be there (everyone was). The weird attraction and love that they secretly carry for each other is very cute to watch. So when I saw, Season 2 Episode 15. I was like /shock /blush.

Oh, don't know what I'm saying? Watch this:

Everything about it is so beautiful! Mostly because we've all been waiting for this to happen for a full year and a half! I need a place to rant about this. Best 22 seconds of TV viewing. Especially when Nick says, 'I meant something like that' and then he just walks away.

He doesn't walk - he struts! There's so much mystery going on there. Like a man on who just completed a mission.

Then in the next episode, he's back to being Nick. Haha.

I love Jake Johnson :) I love Nick and Jess :)

Until Next Time,