Sunday, September 8

Review - Shuddh (NON)Desi Romance

I can't believe it. I'm sure swargwasi papa Yash wouldn't have approved this film. He is the original Father of Desi Romance and such movie being made under his banner stupefies me.

Wo hawa ka uski zulfun ke saath khel jana,
wo muskurate honton se uska mujhe choo jana
Wo dikhash adayein, wo ek nazar,
pyaar hai mujhe usse, tumhe bhi hai.. toh palat
[ voice over by SRK ]
[ DDLJ Score ]
[ Crappy Shayri courtesy - myself ]

Waiting for your love for 22 years in Veer Zaara, fighting Jesus Ji for 10 years to finally have to meet his love, romancing in the Switzerland, Kashmir and... marriage. That is Shuddh Desi Romance.

The movie in question catches the nerve - that Big Fat Indian Weddings are nothing but fake. And then it goes overboard. Raghu Ram seems to have drawn inspiration from Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. Gayatri maintains herself has the hot-mod-break up-et-al chick with a sensitive heart. Then there's Tara, I really can't place her character actually. The actress has nice hair :) Everyone seems to have nice hair in the film. hmm..

The characters are very vague. None knows what's going on. There is no pattern to the story. It promises a lot in the beginning and then just drifts into something where even I was scratching my head as to what was going on. I haven't felt this uneasy watching a movie ever.



I give the movie 2/5. 
1.0 star for music, 
0.5 for Sushant Singh Rajput's expressions and 
0.5 for Rishi Kapoor who does a brilliant job as ever

Until next week,