Thursday, January 24

The Woman with One Eye

This story is the true encounter of me and the one eyed lady. Brace your hearts, for a chill might just run down your spine.

It was like a regular day. Time. 7:15 pm. I'd said good bye to a colleague as she went on her platform on Andheri station and I went towards mine. I crossed the busy street and entered the middle section of Platform No. 1. There was nothing unusual about tonight. People bustling around me, everybody just wanting  to get home early. Nothing unusual about tonight, except for her.

I looked back and it was as if she was carved out of darkness. She chose to sit on the darkest spot on the well-lit platform. Adjusting within her own blanket sitting near a dog by her side over a heap of cement sacks. I felt pity at this unfortunate woman and since I had some leftover lunch, I decided to give it to her.


One step. Two step. It echoed in my head and I went by what I thought was right. I offered the paper bag to her. It was then she looked up. No eye. She looked like a pirate from Davy Jone's crew, to be precise. She put her hand behind, took out a stick, let out a little cry of anger and waved the stick at me.

All in one second.

I had my heart in my mouth. It was too crowded to run, so I merely walked. As fast as I could and climbed in my train and came home. 

Lesson: Never give food to who you think is a beggar. Only give to those who ask for it.