Saturday, March 2

Seven Cats and Me

Some people are plain unlucky. They end up with cats. I have seen my end, it is with cats. Maybe if my mom wouldn't allow me to get a real one, I'll make do with stuffed versions.

If you're reading this, don't. Change tabs, change windows but don't read this. This is my narration of how helpless and unlucky i feel. So helpless that even my backspace wouldn't work that I can capitalize the I in the previous sentence.

I'm sad because it seemed like I had a chance. We had a chance. I mean I'd have to walk over something I dearly love but, you gotta take rough decisions sometimes, no? I was ready to take that chance, jump off the hill with nothing but blind faith, nope. I have to hold back. Again. for the umpteenth time. I'm mentally and emotionally drained.

Go home, you guys. There's nothing to read here.