Monday, November 5

Why You Must Work

I just checked my blog and I saw I hadn't written anything proper since my Driving 101 (thank you all for the overwhelming number of views to that one!) and I thought over the reason that kept me away from blogging - work.

In the past months, I have worked and earned. Spent all of it, yes, but earned none the less. One rainy day, I had to buy myself new headphones and it hit me, 'wait, a second. I'm buying this with my own money' I usually bought stuff but then never like this. It was always:

Me: "I need money"
Mom/Sister: "Why?"
Me:"My headphones died"
Mom/Sister: "Okay, how much?"


Me:"I need money"
Mom/Sister: "What happened to the sum you were given yesterday?"
Me:"I spent it. I needed new headphones"
Mom/Sister: "Okay, how much?"

But that night, I just decided to buy a pair of headphones and I bought them. I went home and nobody asked me what I bought because I didn't ask for money. It was a feeling of... relief?

For the first time in my life, I got a taste of independence. I thought over it, every meal I bought, every place I traveled, every movie I saw, it was with what I had earned and it was a wonderful feeling. Your heart grows wings because of your brain and there is no comparison to owning that smile.


#1 Independence

The freedom of not having to give someone a detailed analysis of what you spent where is wonderful. If you spend 500 bucks in a day, buy something worth 2,000 the other day - no one will glare at you because you are spending your own blood and sweat worth of money.

#2 Secure Future

If your parents or spouse are big shot people who have a lot of money and you are sorted for the next two lives, still you must work. If you have that much money, save what you earn and give a bit of it to your mom. The sense of achievement of giving a contribution in your house is the highest of all! Save the rest for later. Maybe your family will need it, money lying in the bank never goes waste.

#3 Confidence

"So what are you doing?"
"Oh, me? I'm working right now"

There is nothing better than telling people you are working. You are contributing to the success of a company and giving your share in the world. The world exists because of you and they are paying you for it. Hold your head high and nose higher, you work!

#4 Escape :P

OK, this is wrong :P But I've used "I have so much work!" as an excuse to get out of so many family functions. I mean the ones I really really truly with all my heart wanted to avoid!

#5 Security

You secure yourself when you work. There is a positive inflow of green in your life. You want a Mercedes? You don't just wish for it, you are working towards it too. You are lapping every person who is praying for money.

They are praying for it, you are making it.


Anyway, it's time to get back to work for me. I love every bit of it. I hope you get a promotion at your work or maybe, even a better job!

May you always have money in your life,

Until Next Time,

Curry /bye