Wednesday, January 18


One moment ago, I changed the title of this post from "What A Woman Does For A Man" to just "Women" because doing things for men is just our second nature.

We all know women were suppressed in the past, if you've watched/ read The DaVinci Code, Robert Langdon gives you the pre-1800s version of it too. How women are treated in various corners of India and the world, let's just not talk about it right now.

If you must wonder, what led me to writing a post about 'my kind', the answer would be one trip to the Beauty Parlor. Unisex or Ladies, Beauty Parlors 90% of the strength is ladies. I had gone there a few days ago, you know, business purposes :P I had to wait for about an hour before it was my turn and I did what a blogger does- observe.

Every woman there was animated talking about one thing in different forms - MEN. Their sentences started from, "My husband is coming home...", "My boyfriend said that...", "I have a date with this boy..." They were getting waxed, doing their eyebrows, becoming hairless, getting 'whitening' treatment and a billion other things. Why? They wanted to look beautiful.

I am all for looking gorgeous, what I found hurtful was they were doing it to be appealing to someone else. Especially a MAN.

Women do so friggin much for a guy. Turn on your TV and look at ads! Mostly ads are about a girl who wants a guy then she uses Fair & Lovely and the boy goes, /shocked. Oh, the anti-ageing ads. The girls picture doesn't make the front cover because she looks old. Then she uses the anti-ageing cream and voila! Cover Page AND over that 30-something boys' magazine! Another one is where one woman is getting 'radiance' for her husband.

Why is there so much pressure on a woman to look good is beyond me. Boys don't make abs for girls, they make it to show their 6-packs to other boys :P No, for reals :P

Now that I'm planning on entering the Ad World, I promise I'll try to break this vicious mindset that everyone has about 'Women looking pretty & young all the time'

To all girls, all I'm trying to put across is, not always but sometimes- do things for yourself too :) as obnoxious as this sounds, "coz you're amaziiinggg JUUSSTT TTHHEEE WAAAY YOOUU AAREEE!!!!"

(Confession: I'm just staring at Bruno's lips in this.. I mean..)

Until I write more,
Curry /bye