Thursday, January 26

MLIF: Where the F stand for Filmy

We say, "It happens only in movies" but what we forget is movies are inspired from real life - Myself ;)
Pre-Script: Excuse my shift in language from British to American to Nigger to Hindi to Drool. My heart is typing through my fingers!

This happened with me. Ok, please don't put this anywhere on my facebook because if he finds out- I am screwed :P But then, my heart says I should put it out because that's what we bloggers do, we share our feelings and especially now because my heart is feeling all warm :P

Yesterday: Epic Day. Just assume that I'm doing a very important work right now and where I am doing my "important work" He goes there. Climbing them stairs with my friend, I glanced back and there was He. I smiled, my heart skipped a beat (so obvious), I went up for a split second, did what I had to do and when I got back down (hardly 10 seconds) he was gone. Then when we reached the end of the stairs, I sneakily looked at him & boy was busy chatting with friends, I smiled and went ahead.

Then fate happened, I had to go where he was and I greeted him with my heart in my mouth (now you can imagine what kind of voice came out) and then I did my another split-second work and before going, looked at him and my boy winked like:

I was /shock so I went like:

I'm pretty sure I smiled like:

But my heart went like:

Later when I went to doing my work, I was all:


This is so not helpful, Tera Honey Laga Hoon from Ajab Prem.. is playing right now.

Back to the story,

You know how they show in movies that everything goes into slow motion and then there's a lot of hair flying and people looking at you but you only see the one person, you love?


Einstein was right about Time Dilation. How time does in fact become slow and fast sometimes.

The time between me going where he was standing, saying barely audible 'hi', doing my business, looking back at him and then giving my grin, it was as if we were running 1 second = 5 seconds slowly. The Crush's female colleagues saw the 100 Watt light on my face and I'm concerned if they'll tell him. You know us girls are breaking bubbles all the time, "ayyy... she likes you!!!!"

I've been thinking about his so humble incident and I can't tell you how happy I feel. He mustn't even know but it's okay, blog :) One Day.

Anyway, while I blush to death, you guys have a beautiful Republic Day and start asking people out for Valentines.. :)

Love you,
Curry /bye