Wednesday, April 11

It takes Courage

Living is a very tough job to do. Especially if you want to live at the top. First there is climbing it up from the bottom and then there's balancing at that tip. There are others in this world who are climbing and they seem better too.

It's bothersome, I actually just had a crying session on this. There's so much pressure, mostly that I put on myself and it's easier to convince a friend than it is to trust yourself. I don't know how people even do it?

My mom says I'm worried because I'm a scorpion.

'The scorpion symbolizes the personality-centered SCORPIO.  She engages in a dance of death for total ego supremacy over everyone'

Won't deny it. This is partly correct. It's tough for me to think of someone who can be better at something I am best at. So many people have tried to change my mind but it's just bothersome. It's easier said than done. Is there anyone out there who actually understands what I'm going through? The invisible pressure I'm feeling?

I want to let go. To breathe and be like my 'lol i don't care' self. I want to just be happy, you know?

You don't know. And this post has no purpose.

Go study bros. We should study. Not studying is what has got me here.