Friday, September 7

The 5 Bite Diet FAQ

1) What is the Five Bite Diet (5BD) and what to do in it?

- The ‘5BD’ is a diet created by Dr. Alwin C. Lewis and mentioned in his book ‘Why Weigh Around? Changing the Weightloss Strategy’. He tells us that people who want to lose their extra weight and Fast should follow this diet.

This is The Basic Idea

No Breakfast (as it stimulates appetite)
1 Multi-Vitamin
5 Bites for Lunch
5 Bites for Dinner
1 Bite of Protein

2) How do you follow the Five Bite Diet?

- My routine is fairly simple.

10 AM : 1 Multi vitamin
01 PM : Snickers Bar (2 oz)
05 PM : An Egg
09 PM : Snickers Bar (2 oz)

In between have Diet Coke/ Pepsi or water. I will admit that I have had my bad days while on the but Dr. Lewis says forgive your self and get over it.

Also, the gap between your two meals should be 4 hours, so my plan is according to that.

3) What is the science behind the Five Bite Diet?

- This is going to be long because I’m giving the gist of the book!

People who undergo Gastric Bypass surgery (which is getting operated to shrink their stomach) because of excessive weight problems are recommended to eat 9 bites of anything per day because the size of their stomach becomes so small, that 9 bites fill them up.

Dr. Lewis says, “If we can recommend eating as less as 9 bites per day to the least healthy members of the society, why can’t we tell this to people who want to lose weight without undergoing expensive surgery.”

Eating 10 bites per day, 5 bites at a time will automatically shrink the size of your stomach. Our bodies have a thing called ‘Hungerstat’. It is the regulator of our appetite and it’s very easy to adjust.

If you’ll eat 5 bites for lunch, 5 bites for dinner for 3 days, your tummy will start feeling satisfied from Day 4.

4) Why Snickers? Can I not eat anything else? Don’t Chocolates make you Fat?

- Snickers is the perfect size and volume of a meal. It has EXACTLY 5 bites and that is how much we should eat.
Naah, Snickers is not necessary. You can even eat anything but only 5 bites of it. My eldest sister eats sandwich, my second sister eats Cadbury 5 Star Fruit & Nut while I eat Snickers.

I read it on yahoo! answers, one woman would eat Big Mac but stop after the 5th bite, she still lost weight. (I’m trying to find that particular article, will link it when I find it!) [Found the article! This is it]

The Main thing is: Don’t cheat and Stop after the 5th Bite.

Chocolates Don’t Make You Fat. Nothing makes you fat. Only the amount of what you eat does. You’re smart enough to judge how much to eat what :)

5) What if I can finish a Big Mac in 1 Bite! I can have 5 more?! Bullocks, I will lose weight!

- Firstly, you’re cheating with yourself. Keep the Big Mac and a Snicker next to each other. Do you get the difference in one bite of a Snicker and one huge Big Mac?

A bite is perfect when you put food in your mouth and it doesnt give you chipmunk cheeks. Please, eat like a lady :) atleast until your goal weight is around the corner!

6) You’re still not getting me convinced. I think Five Bite Diet is starvation.

- *Sigh* It is not starvation. Everything you eat, even the spiciest chilly, gets broken down to get converted to sugar so that your body can absorb it. That’s why you eat anything it won’t matter- nothing but the size of what you’re eating.

Your stomach will get adjusted to the size of your food in 3 days. You’re getting your Vitamins and Minerals through the Multi-Vit. You’re getting your Protein and Carb with that Egg. Everything is there.

7) It’s my Day 1 and I am hungry!

- I empathize with you. I said your body takes 3 days to get adjusted. Day 1, 2 and 3 will be your test of self-control. Life after that will be as smooth as silk :) Just keep your UGW in mind and the scale will overwhelm you at the end of the week.
But if you’ve been failing, i’d suggest you to warm up by half of what you’re eating and saying NO to foods you think will make you fat. The warm up is for your self-control and not your body.

8) I’m past my Day 3, I’m still hungry.

- You’re not hungry. This is the psychological hunger because all your life you’ve eaten more than required or you’ve given in to temptation. This is time to tell your body that you’re the BOSS!

- Take a deep breath, pour some cold water in a glass, sit somewhere and drink it like it’s wine. Slowly, enjoying the taste.

- Prepare Iced Green Tea (Sugar Free) and drink it, it would curb your false hunger and PLUS it’s GREEN TEA! And we all know Green Tea aids weight-loss!

9) Did you Exercise while on the diet? How much weight have you lost?

Weight loss is 80% diet and 20% Exercise.
You run on a treadmill for 1 hour, you’ll burn 300 calories, you eat a piece of chocolate cake- your one hour on treadmill is lost in 1 minute.

Dr. Lewis says, “Exercise to keep your Head in the Game” Exercising while on the diet will do nothing but aiding your weight loss even more. You can lose upto 20 pounds in 2 weeks by just following the diet, maybe you can add exercise and lose more!

But CAUTION: Do NOT Exercise the first few days, especially the first 3 days.

After 3 days, if you feel good about eating less, then you may go on to exercise but start with moderation, please? Maybe just a li’l cardio or light weights.

About Me: I don’t exercise. I just walk about a kilometer locally and go nearby distances on my cycle. I’m following the 80% part of the weight loss, I’ll think about the other 20% later

Thanks to the 5BD, overall I’ve lost 17 pounds as of today: 12th May :)

10) I will Exercise on the Diet!

Good for you! You’r gonna get super results! But I’d rather you make some changes- try having chicken breast piece instead of an egg because you’ll need more protein for exercise.

11) What is the Modified Version?

When I re-begin my diet, I suck for a month and binge and crib. This happens with a lot of people and I’ve found a way out!

For a few days, instead of eating the Snickers ENTIRELY at once, have 2 bites and drink Diet Soda until you’re full.

Now later when you’ll feel hungry at 2pm or 3pm something, you can have 1 bite and drink loads of Diet Soda.

This way, you won’t binge and even follow the five bite rule and lose weight.

12) My question is not on this list. Email me at I don't check my comments much!