Friday, February 24

More Than What Meets The Eye

Ever wondered that there should be someone who sees more than what you show? Someone who will get to know you, who you really are and then like you for it?

Did you know? Everyone feels that.

They don't just say, 'Each one is special'. They say it because it's true. Every person is different and unique. You should get to know them and their circumstances. There is no other way that you will learn Compassion.

If you wonder why I am writing this, because I'm tired. Tired of people judging others by appearances.

This is what the woman I'm inspired by has to say:

Isn't it true? The first thing we say to someone is how they look. Something of the sort happened to me too.

Me to a friend who met Raveena Tandon: "Hey, how is she?!"

What I expected: She's cute and very friendly!

What he replied: She's very well maintained.

I was taken aback. So the little time you spent with her, you spent it checking her out? Whatever happened to what you are inside? In your heart?

If everyone does judge people by how they look, why work so hard on things like personality and character? Then who's fault is it that there are hoes in the 'hood? Because all that you, shallow person, care about is looks.

I go through the daily torture of, 

  • "you've become fat" 
  • "you've become thin!" 
  • "you had lost weight last time I saw you
  • "try this new diet!" 
I've become so used to this, if no one says this- I start judging myself.

Within this time frame, 

  • I completed 2 internships
  • Topped my college, 
  • Wrote articles for various websites, 
  • Had blogposts that had over 300 views (big deal for me)
  • Won a scooty and also 
  • Made a Kick-Ass Voters' Awareness Video (with few friends from class!)

HERE'S FOOD FOR THOUGHT: If you yourself judge people for how they appear to you, don't you think you are being judged for how you look too?

All I want to say is like there is more to you than you show, there is more to someone else too. A bad accident, a disease from the past, overdose, death, you don't know. Be the bigger person and look past what you see. Look through the obvious and see what beats in that little heart. Getting to know a person only will make you a better person.

Don't be an asshole. Beauty fades, brains remain.

Until you realize your shallowness & change,

Karima /bye