Saturday, December 31

Bye, Bitch.

I made a post on Jan 1, 2011. So I will make one today, Dec 31, 2011 and I will make one tomorrow, also (no prizes for guessing :P)

Nothing has significantly changed in this past year. I learned a lot of lessons and the best one I learnt was filtering. The good from the bad, the keeper from the garbage and the musk from the fake. The process was hurtful but I've gained a lot from it and I am sure, so have you.

2011 was also full of experiences :P Some make you sick, some get you sick :P Ha, I'm going to forget this probably, but I am chuckling as I write this now (Dates to be Noted: Gandhi Jayanti & December 28 lol! )

If anything, I don't feel grown up. I don't feel like I am 20. I feel like I've missed being 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19 and in last quarter of the year, I've tried to catch up with the 5 years I missed trying to be mature and 'grown up', 'do the right things', 'take the decided step' and other blahs that keep you jailed. I shouldn't have, really. Like my good friend once yelled in my ears, "KARIIMMAAAA!!! Your young only once!!" I throw this in everyone's face who try to make me act like a woman. Coloring my hair red, going on roller coasters, getting over my fears and the 'It won't kill me' attitude has paid. I am free person and I feel 'freedom' in my heart. It's the best I've felt to date.

When you let go of yourself, you will grow. You just simply have to trust me when I say this. What you think you are right now is going to change. You won't even remember what kind of a person you are now same time next year. Rather, if you let yourself loose, unleash your inner self and speak your mind - you will be a threat to the people who judged you & tried to overshadow you. Be true to you. That's the first step to being fabulous.

Now why I am ranting this poop? Because this is how I will summarize 2011, finding myself. Knowing who is me and I am sure of one thing, I am a lot less clueless I am now than I was last year. #WIN!

All I truly hope for 2012 is that I find courage. Courage to confess hate, friendship, confessions, crush, likeness, love. Courage to not care, hold myself together and still have a high head. Figuring out a way right now, maybe I will stumble across one? Who knows?

And my wish for you, reader? May you happy a superb year and may you survive 2012 :)

HAPPY 2012! See you tomorrow with more hidden rantings from my walnut-like salty brain.

I Love You, ............... (ugh, why is it so hard?)

Ciao, /bye