Sunday, January 1

Resolution 2012!

This is pretty much how I am right now :P I read my Jan 1, 2011 blogpost and the last words read "I am confused" which was the exact thing I felt today, confused.


What do I make of it? It's been a year and I've learnt so much and I've changed, blah blah blah. Conclusion? I am still confused. This is where I am supposed to say "What the hell!' and I'm supposed to be mad at myself  but I'm not mad. Only disappointed that emotionally I'm where I was last year. Confusion is hardly a feeling but then it's still something I need to wipe off my path to Actualization.

Anyway, I've never made my resolutions public. One reason I never got them crossed off my list? Perhaps. So here they are!


1) Finish all my stories but mainly focus on 2: Project 2010 and Project 2011

2) Rock Climb

3) Offer all 5 prayers everyday

4) Read Qur'an at least 3 times a week.

5) Learn a new song every month

6) Finish reading all Novels I started reading in 2011

7) Go for a run or some kind of workout everyday /sweat be like this :D

9) Blog more. This is a very sexy way of practicing the art of writing.

10) Maintain a diary:

In case I die in the 2012 Apocalypse , I'd like people to know all that I kept in my heart. The only good thing from this will be the love of my life will finally know! /blush and then even if he says no, /wahaha I'm already dead 

11) Have a BMI of 20.2 and body fat percentage of 18%

12) Cook all that I want to eat. 

Seriously. Google is a friggin' Cookbook!

13) Don't care much. /dignose

* * *

I will make a new post and cross out the list as I go on. I'd love to cross of number 11 and there will be a big celebratory rant about it! Diet Cokes to everyone who reads those :P

Till I cross out,
Karima /bye