Friday, August 5

Wronged. I have wronged.

I have wronged. Committed a crime. I feel so guilty. It wasn't even worth it. I just wish this feeling would pass. But I know it won't. Things like these just don't leave your memory. But I will forget it someday, sooner infact; my heart heals quicker than that of a normal person. No one wants to believe it, but it does.

Such an impulsive person I am and I regret it. I want this feeling to stay so that I'll have lesson learnt. It won't, I know that, like I said.

Someday, I'm going to scratch my head reading this post and I'll ask myself what crime had I committed? But it's not worth mentioning. It is, but it embarrasses me how ill-willed I could be.

Weak, vulnerable, pathetic- I just cant seem to find enough good-english swear words for me. I just had to write this, wanted to get it out. I want to shout basically, but we live in a stupid society and there's not a quiet place in Mumbai

I wanna let this go. I wanna hang on to it. I just wanna deal with this & accept this as my life, I know nothing else.

Forgive me for I have sinned. Please, I beg.