Monday, August 29

Who am I?

That is the toughest question you can ask me. If it comes in an exam, damn right I'm gonna fail it (wouldn't be the first, to be honest). In my little life, I've maintained journals, blogs and written down my feelings or my rantings. Each time I've looked back into them, they've all been different. Sometimes I've had my wishes granted and not realized (these parts are the best) or maybe this is what people call growth?

So today, 29th August 2011 this is who I am:

Pre-Script: This post is my major rant/ more of what is going around me and the cause & effect it's having on me

I'm your incorrect perception. I don't really share what I feel, what I'm thinking and about my life with people except my family and extremely dear friends. This has resulted in numerous rumors and then it gets tough to clear the air, so I just let everyone keep thinking whatever they want. It's easier that way.

My non-sharing nature has helped me make friends who become a part of my life, then these friends leave. Most of them stay and I've had the longest relations with them and I always will despite the distance.

I'm don't like to judge people. I like them as they come. If I really have to judge someone it will be based on mannerism and character, mostly. Your behavior speaks more about you than anything else.

Volde.. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is an exception

I'm not good with secrets, if you tell me a secret where in you've discovered the cure the heartbreak, I'll spread it like wildfire. If you tell me a secret that is truly yours, it will be taken to the grave :)

I love reading and writing and reading and writing and writing and reading and writing! There's a couple other things I love also but they are not to be blogged about :P I grow fond and partial of people with whom I share common interest. If you're a Potterhead, I wanna know you!

I have Bragging Rights to being a Scorpion and having worked at a lot of cool places from when I was 15 :P

I don't want to write more. It's ajeeb writing something that ever so slightly open the gates to you. But oh, well.. atleast it's writing!