Wednesday, July 6

Me in solid words and I'm not talking!

Seriously. My friend and I were discussing Names and I just googled the meaning of my larger than life name:
Karima Sanela Khan

This is what Karima means:
This is what Sanela means:

How funny is that, THAT is exactly how I am? /omg My mouth was left hanging when I read it /shock That was my nature, my character defined by solid scientists who don't even know of my existence. I am re-reading these articles and I am stumped! Is that how much name matters? Every word, every sentence is truth and it is shocking that a name has so much effect on people. /XD

WHOA. None the less, I love my names and this has certainly helped me, know me better :) What does your name mean?

Tell me all,
Currie /bye