Saturday, March 26

New, Rare and Awkward

I made a horrible decision today. I gave soft and sad romantic songs a chance. The fault was totally of my ex-crush, why did he had to show up in MY Society, near MY House, around MY Playground with a girl and well, in ways she was better than me :-/ but only in 2 departments, I should add. She didn't look smart for sure.

Enough bitching about her, I wish I had things to bitch about :( I would soon, don't be disheartened, dear reader :) Nobody can hide from me /wahaha

So leaving the bitch aside, yes, romantic songs. I'm not a BIG Romantic you know. I like to think that true love comes only from your family and then friends and before these two it comes from yourself but sometimes the last one that I've mentioned here takes time to come.

Shit, I went into philosophy! My bad. So I am not a Big Romantic and I gave a chance to romantic songs and well, they make me uneasy. I've never been in love, right? Countless crushes, infinite likes but not ONE person I can say, 'Dude, I think I'm in love'.. Yea I pretend my ex-crush is all that but he's just a crush. An ex-crush to add the details and I'm a girl, I thrive on drama :D (Sorry, girls I'm accepting this in open)

So Romance Songs, especially the ones I'm listening to right now are making me feel ticklish /shocked. Snuggly enzymes in me are kickin' in and I'm feeling bad I don't have a big enough huggable teddy bear. and the aforesaid has not even been gifted to me (ever) I think every girl in the world has a snuggly teddy bear but me and cute heart shaped chocolates and greeting cards and cute pens and head bands and a cup saying, 'Best Girlfriend' and a pendent of his initial and a small keepsake to carry everywhere. But Me. Like look at this image below, anime it is but atleast the feelings are true. Oh I forgot the phone calls. Everyone gets phone calls and cute texts. But Me

It was the worst decision of my life to give Romantic songs a chance. They Suck. Oh dear, Adam Lambert, Ke$ha, Michael Jackson, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Poets of the Fall, et al I'm switching my playlist to thee

Should I shout? Should I scream? Maybe I'm craving for Ice Cream. Times like these I believe in songs like 'Love The Way You Lie - Eminem ft. Rihanna' and 'Your Love is a Lie - Simple Plan' /wahaha

No Love for Today. Just Next Time

Currie /bye