Wednesday, January 12

Bantai, Boumai and the lovely unspoken words of Hindi

"Kya Haal!"

If all of them or one among them has found its way to your vocabulary or heart, welcome to BAMBAI :D Bantai & Boumai, these words are so adorable I could easily use them in my daily jargon.. only if I could. It would be similar to calling the Havaldar, Pandu to his face and any annoying person Haramkhor. Bantai and Boumai, both really mean FRIEND :) and because these words are so cute, the meaning for me goes up be being good friends!

"That girl is sucha bitch" one would make faces & say but "Kya hai bey Kutiya Saali!" has its own amazing punch and fun to it. You say the word by yourself, RIGHT NOW and judge which one among the two comes from the heart :) 98% I'm guaranteeing say 'latter' the other 2% are lying ;)

Yes, we ARE Greatly influenced by the Britishers and Hallucinated by English.. par Hindi ka toh break banta hai yaar!

Toh chill maar & Hindi mein vartalaap sehat ke liye accha hota hai :)

Agli baar tak,
currie! /bye