Sunday, January 2

How To Lie

Whether you think you can or think you can't - you are right.  ~Henry Ford

The quote itself is so frigging smart ass! You can lie or you shouldn't lie. It's not that you shouldn't lie, you can lie only it should be truthful enough. Confusing? Naah, not really! I'll explain

Lies are like fashion and clothes, you need to pull it off even if it's rags and all it requires is correct EDITING, PLOT and of course- Narration! Confidence is the key. Shahrukh lied about his k-k-k-k-k syndrome, look what he is now K-K-K-K-KING KHAN!

Analyzing the situation if lying is necessary. You can Lie for good also (saving your burning bum is the bonus) For Instance, your girlfriend makes food for the first time for you and it sucks. You don't tell her it sucks, you 'ummm' until she discovers her hideous culinary skills and then you promise her that next time you will help her to cook. LOVE DOUBLED!

Lying is good sometimes. :)

For regular lying situations these are the Points to Remember:

1. Before lying, take 2minutes to create and revise your story and also think about general questions that you might be asked. If time permits set your characters straight and call them up to tell them about the situation & their role if you're dealing with strict guys.

2.  Don't go overboard!

3. Keep some element of truth so that you are sure of the things that are true. This will help you during questioning

4. Time is important. Induce elements like, 'loss of petrol, long line and stupid slow trains' if your story is not running parallel to your time lapse.

5. Don't lie all the time for every stupid thing you do. You might mix up your stories & come on ya, have a life.

6. Confuse them. Even if things happened one after other, increase dialogues and mix another situation

7. Have fun, authors are best liars. If you can lie & not get caught- your lie was worth it.

This was a really funny post and I don't lie. Just, not all the time. ;)

Have Fun!

Until Next tym,

Currieberried /bye [Professional Liar whose got a family of Lawyers]