Friday, April 15

It's so quiet

Sometimes its good to look out through a window at night or maybe take a stroll. Night time has always amused me. Stories say that this time of the day is for the unseen things that exist with you. That's why the dogs howl, trees whisper and the birds hide in their nests

How could God save a time, as lovely as after midnight for the spirits? He could've given them the day, anyway the sun doesn't scare you and then we could have the night all to ourselves. Playing, Dancing, Singing all under moon light.

Thinking about it gives me chills and how the light warmth from the moon feels like a blanket around me. If we had this time to us, if we could sleep during the day- I wonder how different our lives would've been?

Or maybe I'm reading too much of Dark Novels. HaHa

Until Night Beckons,
/bye Currie