Saturday, January 1

Emotion Engulfing

I was going to write the last post of 2010 then again I was going to write a nice welcome 2011 note at dot 12. Its funny, how things you plan fail to happen.

I was looking forward to dancing to music tonight, this friend of mine whose party I was going to.. plays the best dance songs EVER. She should really be a DJ. I wish music could heal me.. Something happened, aliens came I think, the atmosphere changed & the cold air on the terrace whispered, 'Go'

It made my hair fly in the direction of the door & it was like I was going out every 5 minutes anyway. I think I should stop meditation, my intuitions become weirdly strong, I've started understanding unsaid signs. I was there 40 minutes, the breeze became strong and almost yelled, 'Leave Now' and my head became so heavy.. I lied to my friends and left. It was ditching them but I just had to go.

-- So I'm at home right now. Drinking is not good and you should never call anyone after you drink. Never say, "I'm not drunk!" because that is plain stupid.
No, I don't drink and neither do I drink and call. I received such a call and it shattered all respect I had for this person. I wanted to test if it's true that people speak the truth when drunk - I hung on to the conversation and this person blurted out what they thought of me, what others thought of me. It wasn't wise to listen further, my mood dulled but I still listened and tried to get Actualization out of it. It didn't work. I ended up wanting to never to talk to a friend.

It's 4:37 AM of January 1, 2011 and I am Confused.

This isn't how I wanted my New Year to start.

Weird as ever,
Until Next Time,
Curry /bye

P. S. HAPPY 2011!